Cape Coral Fire Ant Control

Is your yard protected from fire ants?

Our Cape Coral Fire Ant Control services will help protect your family, friends, and pets from fire ant bites and stings. Enabling you to be secure in and around your yard.

Feeling at ease while entertaining or just going about your regular gardening activities is a plus!

No one wants stinging fire ant bites while mowing the lawn, playing with the kids, or working in the garden.

In urban and rural settings fire ants will nest under any type of cement slabs, in your lawn, pastures, fields and groves. During our rainy season the colony may move to higher ground bringing their nest closer to your home.

The colony can cause damage to your home’s cement slab and the structural integrity can be compromised.

Treating your yard every 4 months is the best way to protect the integrity of foundations, concrete driveways and lanais.

The queen is the single producer of eggs unless a multiple queen colony has been established. Queens can fly. Therefore it is important to treat your landscape every 4 months because queens will fly around looking for open plots of land with no competing colonies.
Queens can produce as many as 1,500 eggs per day!

If untreated a colony will mature and could house as many as 240,000 workers. The typical colony hosts approximately 80,000 workers. Medical harm is a major concern as well.

Stings may produce a large range of reactions from localized pain and swelling to anaphylactic shock. We understand the difference between the red imported fire ant (RIFA) and the native fire ant and employ the appropriate control measures.

If you’re ready to rid your yard of of 85-95% of the harmful fire ants for four months at a time, give us a call today to schedule a free consultation at 239-312-8200.