Fire Ant Control in Cape Coral

Fire Ants have become a part of daily life throughout Florida.

We learn to stay away from ant hills, and we panic when they are near our family and pets. If these pests have invaded your Cape Coral property, then Fire Ant Control is the best way to demolish them!

Unlike other ants, these non-native species are highly aggressive and spread quickly.

Typically a fire ant infestation is identified by non-professionals in one of two ways: discovering the mound, or an attack. Unlike other conical ant hills, fire ant hills are flat on the top without a single entrance. They look like someone shoveled a pile of dirt onto the spot and flattened it. The ants will be swarming the entire area. Unfortunately, many people discover their infestation in the other, worse way: their child, pet, visitor or spouse has been bitten and stung!

Fire Ants will attack near their nest immediately if they feel disturbed or something foreign has entered their space. They crawl onto victims in a horde and latch on with their pincers. They then continue to sting multiple times. The victim suffers intense pain and immediate blisters. These stings and bites can be life-threatening to those that are allergic. The blisters that form are incredibly itchy, and when scratched, these pustules can become infected.

Luckily, only a small percentage of victims experience anaphylactic shock from allergic reaction to these poisonous bites.

Trust the professionals for Fire Ant Control in Cape Coral!

Even though they offer claims and guarantees, chemicals from home improvement stores and “do-it-yourself” home remedies can easily result in burned or dead grass. Either it will only kill the ants on the surface, or it may kill all of your ants, including beneficial species that eliminate bad spiders, decay and other insect pests.

The problem with not reaching all the way to the bottom of the colony is it doesn’t reach the queen. As long as the queen is alive and reproducing, more ants will take the place of the ones that have died. Fire Ants are extremely resistant to at-home remedies.

They can even survive drowning, floating the colony to dry land and relocating the nest.

With the licensed professionals at Fire Ant Control, you can rest assured that we will not damage the area further, and we can easily distinguish between ant species to give you the maximum results. Your property and peace of mind will be preserved.

No monthly fees, no gimmicks; just fast, effective solutions that are better for your family and livestock. Our bait is approved for both private and public use. Except where agricultural land is concerned, there is no reentry wait time. This means that you can immediately reenter the area that was treated.

We visit your property only three times a year. These semi-annual treatments are all you’re going to need! We guarantee results for four months.

Call us today at (239) 312-8200 to learn how we identify species, troubleshoot property/equipment damage, and how our bait works differently from other chemicals and methods.

We service Cape Coral, Naples, Immokalee, and all areas in Lee County.