Fire Ant Control In Naples

Fire ant control in Naples is a service that is necessary for many people living in Southwest Florida.

Since the introduction of the Solenopsis invicta, non-native fire ant to Florida, people throughout the Southeastern US have struggled for decades to control this unruly pest.

Fire ants are aggressive by nature and will attack anything that disrupts there territory. Just standing on a nest can cause these invaders to attack.

People and pets, as well as livestock and agricultural lands are compromised when a queen fire ant decides to make her nest in your lawn, playgrounds, parks, sports fields, schools, grazing lands or grove. Protecting these public and private spaces is a priority.

One ant can sting as many times as they choose.

The sting or stings from the red fire ant may produce a large range of reactions from localized pain and swelling to anaphylactic shock. This variance makes  it hard to estimate the cost to public health.

There has never been a human fatality reported from fire ant bites and stings, but anyone who has ever been bit knows that it is painful and uncomfortable.

The agricultural impact is another area of concern. Farmers and ranchers in Southwest Florida have felt the impacts of the invasive fire ant population.

A few issues that farmers and ranchers experience are:

  • Young plants and seeds become a food source for ants
  • Land occupied by these mounds is not producing to full capacity
  • Stings can cause medical problems for field workers
  • Mounds can damage farming equipment
  • Can cause electrical outlets and structures to fail
  • Cement slabs and foundations can suffer structural damage

Economic impacts in the urban setting are a concern. Home owners in Southwest Florida have tried to manage these pests for decades.

Typical problem areas of urban infestations are:

  • Nesting under patio slabs
  • Lawn infestation
  • Sidewalk integrity loss
  • Foundation
  • Concrete driveways
  • Electrical box damage and destruction

Fire ant control in Naples is effective as performed three times a year by our knowledgeable specialists.

Contact us weekdays at 239-312-8200. We can help you understand how we successfully control these pests that are so disruptive to our lives and our industries.