Fire Ant Control Sarasota

Renowned for its warm, humid climate, beaches, golf courses, and resorts, Sarasota is paradise for tourists AND red imported fire ants. Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides the most effective and affordable fire ant solution for homeowners and businesses in Sarasota County, throughout South Florida, and anywhere else our services are needed.

We guarantee to help protect your residential, agricultural or commercial property in Sarasota from these harmful fire ants, or we’ll refund your payment!

Fire Ants and Their Mounds

Fire Ant Control SarasotaRed imported fire ants (Solenopsis invicta) are hard-working architects. They build nests outdoors in mounds of soil and live beneath them in an elaborate network of underground tunnels. Oval-shaped mounds average 10” tall, are about as wide as a dinner plate, and have no visible openings.

A lack of noticeable mounds may make you think that you haven’t been infested with fire ants or that they’re under control, but don’t be fooled. They are most likely there… and increasing the size of their colony.

Mounds are a little bit like solar roof panels. They enable the fire ants to produce new eggs during cooler times of the year. However, when soil temperatures are hot enough, such as during summer months, they don’t need the mounds to help them reproduce. Their colonies can still be expanding right under your feet, sight unseen.

Thousands of fire ants live in just one fire ant colony. Property with single queen colonies may have 40 to 150 mounds and about 7 million red fire ants per acre. If infested with multiple queen colonies, there may be 200 or more mounds and up to 40 million red fire ants per acre.

Parks & Recreation Areas

Red imported fire ants are capable of causing great pain to children and adults when they bite or sting, and can be particularly dangerous in parks.

When their mounds are disturbed, even by accident, hundreds of ants will swarm out of the ground and aggressively sting people and pets. Some people are allergic to the venom in the bite, and others may go into anaphylactic shock, a condition that requires urgent medical attention to prevent a deadly outcome.

Whether you are a private land owner or a municipal organization, Fire Ant Control, LLC, can help you solve the fire ant problem in your park or recreational area.

Golf Courses

Golf courses are irresistible to fire ants. They love the rich, moist soil and open, sunny expanses. They are a bothersome and potentially dangerous hazard for golfers. Whether standing for a shot or reaching for a ball, hundreds of fire ants can swarm out of a mound and sting within seconds.

Fire ants will also eat through power lines, wreak havoc with lights, junction boxes, and air conditioning equipment, and cause damage to machinery, irrigation and transformer boxes.

Fire Ant Control’s effective, long-lasting treatment is the answer to killing fire ants on your golf course.

Leave Fire Ant Control to the Experts!

Fire Ant Control is a recognized specialist in controlling red fire ants on any size or type of land. Careful application of our potent, food-like granular bait kills the ant colonies from the inside out.

Extermination is not instantaneous but, once the worker ants have eaten the bait and carried it down into the colony, sterilizing the queen, the entire colony will disappear, and no new ants will be born. Within weeks, your property will be nearly free of fire ants.

Our proven treatment works for properties ranging from small residential lots to thousands of acres. Our bait is regulated and approved for use on public and private lands.

Because new colonies can develop when winged adult ants fly off to mate and start a new colony, or when an existing colony decides to expand into new territory, we highly recommend treatments every four months to keep these troublemakers under control.

If you’re ready to keep red fire ants from damaging your Sarasota property or harming your family, friends and pets, give Fire Ant Control, LLC, a call today at (239) 312-8200 to schedule a free consultation and your first treatment.