Fire Ant Infestation In Cape Coral

Struggling With A Fire Ant Infestation in Cape Coral?

Fire Ant Infestation In Cape CoralWe’ve got the solution you’ve been looking for.

If your Fire Ant problem has you pulling out your hair (or rubbing ointment on painful bites and stings) you’re certainly not alone. Fire Ants have become a common problem in Southwest Florida.

We receive treatment requests from not only Cape Coral, but also Fort Myers, Pine Island, and Lehigh Acres on a regular basis. We have the experience you can trust, as well as a 100% guarantee to help you claim your property back from these harmful pests so you can protect your pets and loved ones.

We’ve built a reputation for reliability and efficiency for homeowners with a Fire Ant infestation in Cape Coral, Florida.

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How Can I Tell if I Have a Fire Ant Problem?

Ow! If you’ve received a painful bite from what you thought was just an ordinary ant, you might have found your first indicator of a possible Fire Ant problem on your property. But don’t go around letting ants bite you as a way of figuring it out! Fire Ants are extremely aggressive, and will not hesitate to swarm a person they view as a threat…

So keep your distance.

There are other signs you should watch for, such as the location of the mounds. Fire Ants prefer open areas with a lot of sun exposure, so lawns and fields are popular locations for their nests.

What Makes Fire Ants So Much Worse Than Others?

Fire Ants are more than just a troublesome trespasser. These ants can be dangerous, in no small part due to their painful bites and stings. The venom leaves a swollen area of skin that can last for a few days to well over a week. Although this can be an irritating reminder of the bite, for some individuals the swelling isn’t the worst part. Fire Ant stings can be deadly to people who are allergic, and if someone is unfortunate enough to get swarmed by a colony, many stings delivered rapidly can lead to serious medical issues.

Fire Ants spread quickly (Fire Ant queens can lay a thousand eggs in a single day) and the property damage they can cause may surprise you. Your lawn can be badly impacted by the mounds, especially when they grow and multiply as the ant population gets bigger. Even your cement can crack when Fire Ant nests built underneath it expand.

What Can I Do to Stop a Fire Ant Infestation From Taking Over My Property?

Unfortunately, if you’ve noticed Fire Ants on your property, you’re likely already dealing with an infestation. Their nests sometimes don’t become visible for months, during which their numbers grow rapidly with each passing day.

To make matters worse, the only way to truly stop a colony in its tracks is to kill the queen. This is incredibly difficult to do without the proper knowledge and materials. The queens have the protection of underground tunnels as well as thousands of ants that are aggressive toward anything that might pose a threat.

The absolute best thing you can do to address a Fire Ant infestation in Cape Coral is call in the professionals.

A Fire Ant Treatment You Can Depend On

At Fire Ant Control we have spent years now helping people take back their yards and homes from these destructive insects. Over that time we have perfected our methods and approach for the convenience of our customers.

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