Fire Ant Treatments In Briarcliff

Fire Ant Treatments In BriarcliffAre you looking for Fire Ant Treatments in Briarcliff that work like a charm?

Well, you’re in luck.

You’ve found the right website… Fire Ant Control has the best solution for your Fire Ant problem. Fire Ant Control is more than just our name, it’s what we do, and we do it in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Not all ants are bad!

In fact, some ants are really good for your lawn. Some ant colonies aerate the soil and make your lawn healthy while keeping other pests and bugs off your property. That’s why it’s important to identify the types of ants in your yard before activating a course of treatment.

Your goal should be to get Fire Ants under control so that pyramid ants, the ones beneficial to your yard’s health, can establish their colonies. We suggest that you stay away from “do it yourself” solutions as store ­bought chemicals and sprays are designed to kill all the bugs on your property.

That’s counterproductive.

How do you identify Red Imported Fire Ants without putting them under a microscope?

First, look at the mounds. Fire Ant mounds are a little messier than other ant mounds. You’ll see some loose dirt and you’ll also notice a lot of holes and openings to the mounds. When you see an ant that is bigger than other ants, and has a reddish-­brown head and body, with an antennae feature that has 10 segments plus segmented club, you know you have fire ants.

But be careful!

Fire Ants are extremely aggressive creatures.

If you disturb their mounds they will swarm and they don’t just bite you, they sting you just like wasps do. You, your family, or your pets might have an allergic reaction to Fire Ant stings.

Prevent Fire Ants from hurting you, your family, and your pets.

When you hire Fire Ant Control to handle your Fire Ant Treatments In Briarcliff, you can rest easy knowing that our process is only effective on Fire Ants.

To ensure that we don’t damage your property, we don’t use sprays or liquid chemicals because those methods are ineffective and can get expensive quickly.

We us a special granular bait that gets carried into the mound by worker ants and delivered to the queen of the colony. Our bait sterilizes the queen and makes it impossible for her to reproduce the offspring necessary to replace dead worker and soldier ants. Without replacing those ants the entire colony quickly dies off.

We stand by our 4 month treatment service.

Please know that Fire Ants will come back when you stop treating your property. When the bait is gone, it allows new colonies to form… And that’s why we suggest you schedule your Fire Ant Treatments three times yearly to ensure that your property stays Fire Ants free.

To schedule your first treatment or get more information, call us today at (239) ­244 ­1436.