Fort Myers Fire Ant Control

fort-myers-fire-ant-controlFort Myers fire ant control is available in the nearby areas of Edison, McGregor, Gateway, Orange Grove, North Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres, and Alva is a quiet little island community on Pine Island.  That is home base to a small business out to help protect you from fire ants.

Fire ants can be anywhere.

Fire ants are very common in Fort Myers as well as other popular sites for tourism in Lee County.  Fire ants can be found around homes, parks or businesses.  Whether you are out for fun in your yard, shopping, working, or providing a service to customers, fire ants can be a problem.

Fire ants in your yard are a problem.

Lurking in the bushes, hiding in your grass, fire ants will be out for attack.  Aggressive and territorial, it takes a mere swipe of the toe against a fire ant mound to infuriate these malicious creatures.  Fire ant bites leave painful, itchy blisters that no one wants to suffer.

Fire Ant Control can stop these nasty fire ant attacks.

Fire ants are a danger at the park.

Over by the benches, underneath the slides, and backed up to the sidewalk there are tiny, venomous monsters.  On the hunt for food, fire ants won’t spare a glance for anyone who gets in their way.  A fun park is a park without fire ants.  Fire Ant Control can help get rid of up to 99% these spiteful, hated creatures for four months at a time.

Happy, comfortable customers are important for good business.

Do you own a business in Fort Myers?  No customer wants to have to watch where they step.  On a day out to town, the last thing people want to be thinking about is stepping into a vicious fire ant mound.  Instead they should be focused on your business.  At Fire Ant Control, we guarantee there will be no reason for your customers to worry about where they or their children put their feet.

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