Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, but we can buy the bait cheaper at wholesale and pass on the savings to you. With our experience and practice we can treat large areas of land quickly and efficiently.

We use high quality bait applied with exact application rates to help get rid of fire ants effectively.

Many reasons; new fire ant queens fly to mate and can land on your property; fire ants from bordering property will move onto your land (while our bait will remain effective for about 4 months, it doesn’t last forever—especially if it was eaten by the ants that were there in the first place); if you used a DIY method or bait from the store it was most likely an insecticide that killed only the surface level of ants, leaving the queen and the rest of the thousands of underground ants unharmed.

Unlike general pest control companies, at Fire Ant Control, LLC we use only granular bait. Sprays and other liquid chemicals (including boiling water) used to kill fire ants is short-lived, sometimes dangerous and very expensive. Our bait is carried straight down into the depths of the fire ant mound to the queen(s) who are the sole reproducers of the colony. Once the queen is sterilized, the ants die off naturally and aren’t replaced with new ants. The entire colony dies off, not just the surface ants.

We are fully licensed and insured. We provide a high quality, courteous, professional service. Our bait is regulated and approved for use on your property. On private property, there is no re-entry interval which means you, your family, your pets and other animals can walk anywhere at any time immediately after treatment. On agricultural land, standard re-entry intervals apply.

It’s guaranteed to control infestations for 4 months. We can never promise that you will never have fire ants, nor can we promise that a mound or a few (depending on size of property) might not reform occasionally during that time.

Fire ants are like weeds. If you stop treating for them, they will come back. Besides, bait doesn’t last forever—it’s consumed by existing fire ants and new fire ants that move in.

With services by Fire Ant Control, LLC, fire ant infestations in your yard will be under control.

In many areas of Florida, especially the south the weather doesn’t get cold long enough to stop fire ants from foraging. It may take a little longer in the winter but the treatment will work.

In the majority of cases, we use Insect Growth Regulators. It interrupts the fire ant colony’s life cycle; it is not a fire ant killer. The bait sterilizes the queen. As the ants die naturally of old age, the entire colony disappears.

You don’t have to live and work with fire ants. Fire Ant Control, LLC is the best fire ant killer around (truly we provide ant birth control, but the effect is the same). If working around fire ants is unavoidable, wear long sleeves tucked into rubber gloves and pants tucked into high sock with rubber boots. If you feel ants, brush them off as quickly as possible. It’s best to avoid fire ants altogether; fire ant bites (stings) can be deadly.

Clean the site with soap and water; elevate arms or legs; apply a cool compress; take an antihistamine and use antihistamine cream; and don’t scratch or pop the blisters.

Fire ants mate in flight 2-4 times per year when the temperature is warm, wind is light and usually after it rains. Sometimes what you might think are swarming termites are really fire ants. The front pair of wings on ants is larger than the back pair, while termite wings are all about the same size. Ants have elbowed antennae and a thin waist. A termite’s antennae are straight and hair-like, and its thorax and abdomen are broadly connected.

Pyramid ants build a funnel-shaped mound and look similar to fire ants. However, pyramid ants eat insects and are beneficial to have around. Our bait doesn’t get rid of them. The best way to tell the difference between pyramid ants and fire ants is to blow near the opening of the mound or stomp nearby and see what happens. Pyramid ants will run and hide. Fire ants will attack.

Fully licensed and insured, Fire Ant Control, LLC guarantees results or your money back.  We guarantee to control fire ant infestations, specifically to reduce the size and number of fire ant colonies/mounds on the property.  Customer patience is all that is needed with fire ant control.  For optimal results, three applications per year are mandatory for year-round control.  If prior to the next treatment (after allowing ten (10) weeks from the application date), a fire ant infestation occurs on the treated area, Fire Ant Control, LLC will retreat the area of infestation at no additional cost. We can not guarantee that you will never have fire ants, even on treated property.