Best Fire Ant Control Solutions

Look up and enjoy your surroundings! With the best fire ant control solutions provided by Fire Ant Control, LLC, you can.

About Fire Ant Control, LLC

Best Fire Ant Control SolutionsFire Ant Control, LLC, calls Bokeelia, Florida, home, and we provide direct service to all of Southwest Florida. Between us and our sister companies, we provide service to the entire quarantined area of the Southeast United States, with the capacity to treat 1,000 acres daily.

Should You Stress about Fire Ants?

The Red Imported Fire Ant is the worst of the fire ant species. You might imagine it’s just a pest, but in reality, a heavy presence of fire ants is dangerous to pets, people, and property. When you book service with us regularly, you fulfill your responsibility of preventing injury and damage from a known danger.

Let’s consider a fire ant attack. The enemy will surge out of the colony en masse, climbing, biting, and stinging. For many, the attack will leave a blister that hurts and stings for a while, but an allergic reaction occurs for a small portion of the population. The response can range from localized swelling to death.

When an attack occurs, remove the fire ants as quickly as possible and cleanse the area with soap, water, or alcohol wipes. Then, watch if redness, swelling, chest tightening, nausea, dizziness, or other symptoms occur. These symptoms will tell you how to proceed.

If the response is localized swelling, take an antihistamine, use a hydrocortisone cream, and apply a cold pack. If you feel more severe symptoms, seek medical attention urgently.

How to Best Address Fire Ants

Fire ant populations are challenging to manage. They eat practically anything, will nest practically anywhere, and respond sacrificially in response to threats to the queen. When a few ants die, they’re just replaced with new citizens of the colony. To effectively manage fire ants, the treatment must focus on reproduction.

The perfect example of fire ant behavior that indicates the need to address reproduction is the response to flooding rains. The entire colony forms a ball around the queen and her eggs, protecting them and sacrificing their own lives. The ball of fire ant bodies floats until it reaches higher ground or a vertical feature that can be climbed. By nature, fire ants prioritize the group’s survival rather than the individual, so treatment measures must target reproduction.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, halts reproduction and reduces fire ants by up to 95% within a single life cycle.

We don’t use dangerous chemicals or sprays. Instead, we strategically spread a granular bait that is regulated and approved for use on private and public properties. When worker ants discover this “food” and carry it to their queen, her sustenance becomes the source of her colony’s demise.

Living ants expire, and no new eggs hatch to produce replacements.

Book treatment every four months to maintain a high degree of fire ant control. Otherwise, your property will be re-infested as the bait degrades.

Click here or call (239) 312-8200 to book the best fire ant control solutions. Fire Ant Control, LLC promises that we will return your money if your property fails to remain at least 85% free of fire ants with retreatment three times annually.