Control Fire Ants in Pastures

Pastures are prime real estate for imported red fire ants. They love to colonize these sunny areas of open land, but they also terrorize the poor creatures living amongst them. To control the population of fire ants in pastures, allow Fire Ant Control, LLC, to apply effective granular bait that will eliminate the colony.

Control Fire Ants in PasturesThe most effective way to keep your pasture free of fire ant infestations is the treatment we apply. Fire Ant Control’s bait is appropriate for use around animals and is approved for applications in pastures and farms. You can be confident in the safety of your animals when you schedule a treatment with us.

Imported red fire ants are prevalent throughout the Southeast United States. Fire Ant Control, LLC, operating out of Bokeelia, FL, along with our sister companies, can treat 1,000 acres a day, successfully serving the entire affected region.

Protecting Your Livestock

The red imported fire ant problem is one that plagues farms, ranches, golf courses, yards, and other ground surfaces throughout the South East. In pastures, horses are vulnerable to fire ants as they graze in the open as well as when they bite into bales of hay.

The only way to really protect your horses from damage done by fire ants is to trust Fire Ant Control, LLC to deal with them. Otherwise, the ants will continue to spread throughout the pasture, injuring animals and workers, damaging equipment, and infesting hay and feed.

When dealing with fire ants in your pasture, recognize that horses are unable to remove the ants themselves. You’ll have to remove the ants manually, being aware that you could get them on yourself. Try to avoid shaking your limbs; this movement will cause a synchronous, brutal attack. Monitor your horses closely to make sure that any blisters don’t become infected. A visit by the veterinarian may become necessary.

While plenty of products are on the market for resolving a problem with fire ants, the only surefire method is to call us. We attack the problem by getting rid of the queen and stopping the continuation of the colony, rather than causing the mound to simply migrate to another location.

Resolve Fire Ants for the Long Term

The method that we use to control fire ants comes in the form of granular bait. The professionals from Fire Ant Control, LLC, will disperse the bait safely and appropriately for an effective, long-term solution. Our bait is approved for applications around people and animals, including yards, barns, and pastureland.

Worker ants carry our bait into the colony like deceitful Trojan Horses. The queen, or queens, then consume the bait and become sterilized. With no queen to lay eggs, the colony of fire ants disappears and no hatching of new ants occurs. However, fire ants are migratory and can establish themselves in another nearby area. We strongly suggest that you schedule regular service from Fire Ant Control, LLC, every four months.

If you’re looking for an effective way to control fire ants in your horse pasture, call Fire Ant Control, LLC, at (239) 312-8200. We offer the best option for a real solution that works, and we back that claim with a money-back guarantee.