Effective Fire Ant Control Solutions

Find the most effective fire ant control solutions for your Southwest Florida property here at Fire Ant Control, LLC. We provide measures that work effectively for four-month periods, and we back that promise with a money-back guarantee for customers who follow through with retreatment three times annually.

Effective Fire Ant Control SolutionsThe red imported fire ant is a tricky species to manage. The population grows rapidly without control mechanisms in place, so any fire ant control measure needs to protect the queen to stop the colony’s propagation. Our methods do just this by removing the queen’s reproductive potential.

What Makes Our Methods Different?

Fire Ant Control, LLC’s method of fire ant management requires a robust and granular bait that the fire ant enemy perceives as food. In actuality, the bait is an insect growth inhibitor. We tempt the fire ants with the bait, and they carry it down into the colony to the queen like a Trojan Horse. Once the queen ingests the bait and becomes sterile, we have sealed the colony’s fate. No new ants will hatch to replace the living ones as they die off naturally.

Regulated and approved for use on all types of properties, our bait will effectively treat your property. Our service will reduce the fire ant presence by at least 85% for four months. In collaboration with our sister companies, we cover the entire fire ant quarantined area and can treat 1,000 acres daily.

Fire ants move around. Their reasons for movement may range from searching for better food and water sources to fleeing from heavy rains or simply establishing a new colony as a newly mature female ant. Fire ants will return to your property if you fail to arrange for retreatment.

What Makes Fire Ant Control Necessary?

If you’re saying to yourself, “Who cares about a few fire ants?” you’re not alone. Many property owners need to pay more attention to protecting themselves, their families, their guests, and their properties from fire ants. In truth, fire ants are aggressive, with behavior patterns that lead to extensive property damage and genuine bodily injury.

Fire ant activity occurs largely underground, where most of the colony constantly works to expand its physical size. In contrast, the queen, or queens, continuously expands the colony in terms of population. As the fire ant population on your property continues to grow unchecked, it’s a matter of time before the colony expands into your home, underneath your slab, within your A/C system, and even into your car.

The injuries that most people experience are mild – painful but harmless. The fire ants’ unique venom will leave a blister filled with fluid that lingers for about a week. However, for some victims, the reaction will be more serious. Some reactions will be localized and treatable with an antihistamine and hydrocortisone. For about 5% of the population, the reaction can be anaphylactic and requires immediate emergency treatment. If you’ve experienced an adverse reaction when bitten, see a doctor to arm yourself with an Epi-pen in case of another attack.

Protect your home and property by arranging for effective fire ant treatment of your property.

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