Are you seeing signs of fire ants at your home or business? It’s not surprising. Most people have at least one run-in with fire ants while living in Florida. However, one sighting is enough to consider fire ant control services in Florida to ensure the problem doesn’t quickly grow into a major infestation.

Fire Ant Control LLC is a family-owned business that specializes in taking care of the worst kind of ant – the Red Imported Fire Ant. With a granular bait approach, we are able to knock out your fire ant problem quickly and efficiently.

Fire Ant Habits

Fire Ant Control Services in FloridaWhen exterminating fire ants, it’s important to understand how they live and breed. This is the reason most chemical sprays don’t work; they don’t have the ability to kill off the queen.

When you look at a fire ant mound, it appears as though it’s a messy pile of wet sand with ants crawling over it. This exterior has nothing to do with what is actually going on inside of the mound. Inside are many tunnels that lead in and out of the mound. These tunnels are used for worker ants to seamlessly travel in and out of the mound, virtually undetected, to get food for the queen.

The queen is the most important part of the colony. She is solely responsible for reproducing new ants. The worker ant’s life span is only 4-6 weeks, so new ants constantly need to be introduced to the colony to help it survive.

The granular bait we use is carried through the tunnels by the worker ant to the queen. This bait sterilizes her and eventually kills her. With no new queen and a seemingly short life span, the colony dies out rather quickly.


Treating your yard every four months is the most effective way to keep it as free from fire ants as possible.

Red Imported Fire Ants are resilient little pests and, once they find a place they like, they try very hard to make it their home. Even if one colony doesn’t survive, more will try to follow if the land is suitable. Having the bait already in place protects you from each stray fire ant who may be looking to relocate.

Fire ant Control LLC is so confident in our granular bait, we stand behind a money-back guarantee that we can eliminate between 85-95% of your fire ants. Our bait is regulated and comes with a no-reentry interval, meaning humans and pets can walk on the property immediately after being treated with no ill effects.

Stop Worrying and Start Preventing

Every yard can benefit from quality fire any control services in Florida. If you are seeing signs of fire ants, or you just want to be proactive in preventing them from invading your yard, call Fire Ant Control LLC at 239-312-8200. Fully licensed and insured, we are ready to provide you with a free estimate and get to work protecting your property against fire ants.