Fire Ant Control Services

Fire ant control services offered by Fire Ant Control, LLC provide the residents, business owners, ranchers/farmers, and city managers of Southwest Florida with the means to protect people and animals from the hazards of fire ant infestation. Our service works well without costing a fortune or requiring extensive effort.

The Fire Ant Problem

Fire Ant Control ServicesRed imported fire ant infestations have a substantial impact on properties. From injury to people and animals to property damage, the consequences of allowing fire ant populations to grow unchecked are real.

When homes, farms, and businesses experience damage to electric circuitry, equipment, or appliances, the costs of repair and lost time can be pretty high. Fire ants are determined and diligent in their nesting behaviors and will eventually infest any space that offers warmth, moisture, or proximity to food.

To avoid having foundation damage to your home, destroyed wiring, dead trees, and crops, and otherwise damaged property due to fire ants, call on us here at Fire Ant Control, LLC, to proactively take care of the problem.

In addition to property damage, fire ants have a vicious sting when they attack. These injuries are quite painful, and a small portion of the population can experience an anaphylactic reaction that will be deadly without intervention.

From public parks to pastures, fire ants make life difficult. Fire ants attack en masse, climbing upward and stinging simultaneously. The slightest provocation triggers the aggressive attack, and you may become a victim, covered in fire ants before you even realize you’ve encountered a nest.

When fire ants attack people, they can generally get away. Unfortunately, animals don’t always have the same ability. Fire ant attacks can actually kill animals when they are in pens and can’t escape.

Protect the people, animals, and property you’re responsible for by calling Fire Ant Control, LLC. Our methods of fire ant infestation work effectively to eliminate 85% minimum of fire ants from the property for four months at a time.

The methods that we use work effectively and don’t require a great deal of effort. With a spot on our calendar, we will arrive to service your property, spread the granular bait that we use, and that will be that. It’s not a complicated process, but it works incredibly well.

We use a granular bait that fire ants view as food. When they gather it, transport it into the colony, and present the “food” to the queen, they effectively end the colony by making her sterile. While it will take some time for the population to die off, she won’t lay new eggs to replenish the population. After one complete life cycle, the population should be thoroughly under control, and it will stay that way so long as you schedule refresher services every four months.

If you’re battling fire ants, call Fire Ant Control, LLC, for services that will nuke the enemy. Our methods have been authorized for use around people and animals without waiting for re-entry. You will need to book a spot on our schedule for a repeat service three times per year to maintain a fire-ant-free environment. Secure your place on our schedule today by calling (239) 312-8200 or reaching out online.