If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a fire ant bite, you understand very clearly the need for fire ant control and treatment for your Apopka, FL, home or commercial property. Our name, Fire Ant Control, LLC, says it all. We can help protect your family, guests, customers, and associates from painful stings and bites.

Fire Ants Are Hard to Kill

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Apopka, FLRed invasive fire ants are hard to kill on your own, and they’re very common to the Apopka area. Being able to garden, watch your children play, and host backyard events without fear of creepy, crawling ant assassins is a great reason to call and schedule fire ant control services! Dealing with them on your own will be a hard fought, never ending battle. Allow us to help you manage the problem with our experience and proven process.

Fire Ants Cause Damage

Ants are hardy survivors. They’ll nest anywhere – around trees, under cement slabs, laundry piles, etc. Rainy weather will send ants climbing for safety, often into your home and vehicles. The nesting behavior of fire ants can damage your home’s foundation and even destroy your young citrus trees. Protect your property by controlling the ant population.

Naturally reactive and aggressive, when one fire ant stings, the jerking movement of the recipient of the bite causes all of the ants to bite and sting in response. A single fire ant bite is painful, but a full-on attack is proportionately more painful. When the bite victim has an allergy to fire ants, these bites can even be deadly. If you notice a severe reaction, get medical help immediately!

The Fire Ant Solution

As significant a problem that fire ant infestation can be for your yard, parking lot, home, or office, thankfully, the solution can be as simple as a phone call. Fire Ant Control, LLC offers a helpful service that can rid your property of 85% of those pesky fire ants after the first visit and up to 95% with subsequent treatments every four months.

We use a bait treatment to deal with fire ant problems. When the worker ants carry the bait back to their nest, the queen becomes sterile and will ultimately die, leaving the population of the nest to die out without replacements.

The bait treatment we use works well for fire ant population control, and we don’t limit these services to residential use. Call us to make sure fire ants don’t become a problem for your farm animals, park visitors, athletic participants, golfers, and more.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, is fully committed to the safe enjoyment of your property without worries about fire ant attacks. We’re so confident that we can provide results that we back our service with a guarantee.

If you live in Apopka in Southwest Florida, or anywhere else in the Southern US, your property is vulnerable to invasive red fire ants. Deal with them efficiently and effortlessly by calling 239-312-8200 to schedule fire ant control and treatment.