Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Avon Park, FL

Fire ants are a scourge that requires intensive, effective treatment. If you have fire ants, don’t wait for them to go away on their own; they won’t. In fact, the infestation will only get worse without intervening fire ant control and treatment. For service in Avon Park, FL, call Fire Ant Control, LLC.

Why Fire Ants Are a Problem

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Avon Park, FLImported red fire ants are the worst of the various kinds of fire ants. They come from South America and are now common throughout the Southern portion of the United States. They’re aggressive stingers and biters with a dark red thorax and black abdomen. When disturbed, these ants climb and attack all at the same time. An attack from red imported fire ants leaves the victim with large bumps, and occasionally, the attacks can result in a life-threatening allergic reaction.

The industriousness of red imported fire ants is the reason for their success as an invasive species, and this industrious nature is also the reason they’re such a problem. The mounds above ground are just subtle clues of a fire ant presence. Below ground, an intricate network of extensive tunnels conceals the massive ant population below.

There can be millions of ants within one fire ant colony. Single queen colonies on a property can have 40-150 mounds with a 7 million ant population per acre, and multiple queens within a colony can manifest 200 mounds+ with 40 million red fire ants in an acre.

Ants are sneaky buggers. You may not see evidence of them, and then a rain comes… and it drives thousands of ants into your home or vehicle.

Ants are also known to destroy A/C units, attack vulnerable pets and children, damage electrical components, infest hay bales, damage cement foundations, and even destroy the root systems of newly planted trees.

Where Fire Ants Are a Problem

Imported red fire ants are troublesome on residential, commercial, agricultural, and public properties.

They’re likely to ruin a garden party and pester, even kill, agricultural animals. Wherever fire ants are found, trouble follows.

Neglecting quality fire ant control measures like we provide will result in damage, so set up a bi-yearly schedule for treatment whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, property manager, or otherwise responsible for property maintenance.

Treatment That Works

Fire Ant Control, LLC, is an established fire ant treatment that keeps properties 85-99% free of fire ant activity for four months at a time. Unlike treatments that are applied to mounds, our granular bait functions as a growth inhibitor that prevents the queen(s) from reproducing. As the living population dies, the entire colony follows. Our product is deemed safe for application around people and animals with no time period required for re-entry.

Because fire ants fly, they will eventually come back. For that reason, make sure to seek reapplication every four months.

If you’re ready to schedule fire ant control and treatment in Avon Park, FL, dial (239) 312-8200. Our team at Fire Ant Control, LLC, is happy to answer whatever questions you might have about our methods, prices, or products.