Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Bay Hill, FL

When you have a fire ant problem, enjoying the outdoor areas of your property can be incredibly difficult. Fire ant control and treatment for your Bay Hill, FL, yard, business, farm, or school will return your property to a safe condition in quick order, and Fire Ant Control, LLC, will deliver these results.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Bay Hill, FLFire Ant Control, headquartered in Bokeelia, Florida, delivers effective treatment for red imported fire ants. We treat the whole Southeastern US quarantine area along with our sister companies, treating up to 1,000 acres daily.

Red Imported Fire Ant Concerns

Fire ant infestations cause injury and property damage. From livestock and pets to electrical wiring, HVAC systems, pets, and people, anything in the way of a fire ant colony’s expansion is in harm’s way.

Slight disturbances will cause fire ants to swarm out of their mounds, attacking anything and everything they come across. A single ant bite is a rarity. Usually, victims experience multiple fire ant bites. The blisters caused by the venom create swelling, pain, and itchiness, and some of the population may have an anaphylactic reaction that requires immediate medical intervention.

If an attack occurs, clean the area with soap and water or an alcohol wipe. Then watch out for a reaction. The bite may linger for about a week, but don’t pop it since infection could ensue.

Fire ants eat just about anything. Vegetation, bugs, animals, pantry items, and more are all potential victims to fire ants. Eliminate the potential for fire ants invading your home by reaching out to Fire Ant Control, LLC. 

Red Imported Fire Ant Treatment

Fire Ant Control, LLC, employs a strategic process of managing the fire ant population. The granular bait that we apply appeals to fire ants as food. They collect the bait and carry it down to the queen. She ingests the bait and becomes infertile when she does. As living ants end their lives, no new eggs are laid to replace them.

The treatments you see suggested on Facebook and other places don’t work. If you pour liquids on the mounds, a few surface fire ants may die, but the queen will carry on. From gas to boiling water, DIY treatments can cause injury during the attempted application, not to mention the queen, whose ability to lay eggs will carry on unaffected.

Fire ants thrive in all situations as long as the queen continues her work. The behavior of fire ants during floods makes this clear. When the colony is flooded, the fire ants form a tight ball, with their bodies, with the queen and her eggs at the center. Sure, the exterior fire ants may become victims, but the queen will be safe, as will the future population of the colony. 

What makes you think water or gas will kill the queen if a flood can’t do it?

Our method works because we trick the queen into destroying her reproductive abilities. The treatment does need to be reapplied every four months. When clients follow this schedule, we promise that the property will be up to 95% free of fire ants, or we’ll return your fee.

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