Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Casselberry, FL

Fire ant control and treatment in Casselberry, FL, in the greater Orlando area, is as close as a call to Fire Ant Control, LLC. With our process and trusted products, we can successfully keep fire ant populations reduced by 85%, minimum, with adherence to a thrice yearly schedule of service.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Casselberry, FLThe subtropical climate in the Orlando area makes the area a haven for red imported fire ants. Humidity, moisture, sunny areas, plentiful food, and ample coverage provide fire ants with everything they need to thrive. This ideal situation for fire ants means that property owners in the area must consider red imported fire ant population control mechanisms as an essential part of property management.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, regularly treats a wide range of areas including yards, golf courses, resorts, meadows, pastures, parks, ranches, and any other property type. We provide the most effective method of management available, and we’re able to treat all sizes of property with a bait that is approved for application around people and animals without a period of wait time for re-entry.

Fire Ant Behavior

Fire ants focus on building at all times. Above ground, they have mounds for entrance, exit, and temperature control, and below ground, they constantly expand an intricate network of underground tunnels. The mounds that you might expect to see may be absent, but you shouldn’t assume that the absence equals an absence of fire ant colonies. They may be well concealed or distant.

Untreated properties in this area most likely have several colonies industriously building away below the surface of the earth.

The extent of these populations can be incredibly high. A single-queen colony can house 40-150 mounds housing 7 million fire ants, in a single acre! Multi-queen colonies are more common than you imagine, and each acre may have upward of 200 mounds and up to 40 million fire ants. Dealing with this level of population and reproductive potential requires professional skill like that provided by Fire Ant Control, LLC.

Residential Management of Fire Ants

An attack by fire ants can come out of nowhere when you fail to manage their population. Take back the ability to relish the outdoor experiences on your property by hiring Fire Ant Control, LLC, to successfully treat the grounds for fire ant issues. These measures of fire ant management are essential to protecting the residents, children, and guests of your household.

Park and Rec Management of Fire Ant Populations

The park and other recreational areas should be places of carefree fun and adventure, where families with children can focus on one another rather than watching the ground for fire ants. We welcome all managers of these areas to call Fire Ant Control, LLC, for a convenient, non-disruptive, and effective solution.

Golf Resort and Country Club Fire Ant Management

Perhaps the most appealing location for fire ants is the open, sunny spaces of golf courses, so they pose a particular challenge for these businesses. Needless to say, situations where golfers fall victim to fire ants are bad for business.

Casselberry, FL, in the greater Orlando area, is a place that requires effective fire ant control and treatment in all types of properties. Schedule your service every four months from Fire Ant Control, LLC, for a money-back guaranteed path to a 95% fire ant free property. Learn more today by calling (239) 312-8200 or clicking here.