Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Cedar Hills, FL

Fight back against invasive red imported fire ants! Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides treatment & affordability in Cedar Hills, Jacksonville, and the rest of Duval County, FL. We’re passionate about protecting property and people from these pests.

Not Just a Nuisance

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Cedar Hills, FLRed imported fire ants are much more than a nuisance. The venom from the stingers is unique and injurious, and the damage that their nesting behavior does is significant. Red imported fire ants attack as an army, climbing and stinging simultaneously. The venom is painful, leaving a blister with a white center that remains for a while. They can become infected and even lead to scarring. In worst case scenarios, an allergic reaction could endanger the life of the victim.

Another issue with red imported fire ants is the tendency to attack with very little provocation. A child’s ball bouncing too close to the mound, reaching for plants without seeing the ants, or even walking through wet grass while the fire ants drink could all put you in danger of attack. Protect yourself and your guests by calling us to clear away the fire ant population.

The Method for Eliminating the Fire Ant Population

DIY methods for eliminating fire ants are unlikely to work. Whether you believe the internet and try boiling hot water, the salesperson at the retail store selling chemicals, or the landscaper with his or her own chemicals, any method that doesn’t target the population as a whole is not going to have a substantial effect.

These methods will target surface ants but will not affect the millions of ants beneath the surface.

The methods and products that we use work. The granular bait is seen as food to the red imported fire ants. Once taken down into the colony, the queen eats the bait, becomes sterile, and loses the ability to lay eggs. Without any new eggs laid, the population of the colony zeros out as the living ants expire.

Our method provides a minimum of 85% freedom from fire ants for four months at a time. When you schedule our service every four months, just three times per year, we provide a money back guarantee.

The Cause of the Fire Ant Problem

The difficulty with red imported fire ants stems from the fact that they’re an invasive species. Originally from South America, red imported fire ants came in through the Port of Mobile in the 1930s and with no natural competition for resources, they established a firm foothold in the Southern portion of the US.

Red imported fire ants adore the warmth, moisture, and humidity of Florida. Our environment provides ideal conditions for the species to thrive. Since they love warmth and easy access to food, electrical components, HVAC systems, flower beds, tree roots, adn home foundations are all at risk.

Become a satisfied client of Fire Ant Control, LLC, with one call. Our company is fully insured and licensed, and the measures we use are approved for use around people and animals. You’ll not find a more effortless or effective solution.

With Fire Ant Control, LLC, on your side, you can overcome the fire ant population on your property. In Cedar Hills, FL, we offer effective and affordable fire ant control and treatment measures. To schedule your free estimate, call (239) 312-8200 or contact us online.