Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Citrus Park, FL

For fire ant control & treatment that works in Citrus Park, FL, book service with Fire Ant Control, LLC. Our expertise produces results. Allow us to help keep your home 85-95% free of red imported fire ants for four-month terms. 

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Citrus Park, FLFire Ant Control, LLC, is fully licensed and insured. Our experience and commitment to customer service mean that you need not worry about incidental damage to your property or unnecessary disruption of your day. We work quickly and leave the property as we find it. 

Red imported fire ants aren’t likely to be eradicated from the United States. Since their introduction during the 1930s, they’ve become ubiquitous in the Southeast US and continue to establish their presence throughout the country’s southern half. They’re quite aggressive, reproduce quickly, and have no natural competition for resources, so without effective intervention, they’ll remain a problem for you and your household.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, serves our clients to keep their properties 85-95% free of the scourge of fire ants. With repeat treatments every four months, your property, large or small, will maintain this status, or we’ll return your payment.

Property categories we regularly service include:

  • Residential properties
  • Businesses
  • Golfing greens
  • Pasture and ranch land
  • Park and rec areas
  • Schools
  • Public lands
  • More.

Effective Fire Ant Management

The fire ant treatments you find at your local hardware store may promise results, but you won’t find a long-term solution. The chemicals and baits aren’t likely to be effective since they only address a few surface ants and leave the queen safely protected deep within the colony’s passages. 

Don’t be fooled into thinking you’ve made headway if you succeed in killing a few hundred surface fire ants. Myths you hear from various sources and find online are equally ineffective and likely dangerous. A truly effective treatment must get at the root of the population, the queen. Below ground, the queen will continue laying eggs, multiplying the colony’s numbers.

The strategic method of applying the product used by Fire Ant Control, LLC, promotes bait collection, which functions as an insect growth inhibitor. This stealth weapon, found by scavenger ants and taken to the queen, seals the colony’s fate when she becomes infertile upon ingestion. As the living ants’ life cycle ends, the colony dwindles to nothing. With repeat treatments every four months, your property will stay 85-95% clear of red imported fire ants. 

Imported red fire ants fly to mate and then establish new colonies. They’ll also migrate to new places in search of water, food, and refuge. The bait won’t last forever, and the area will become overrun without renewed intervention by Fire Ant Control, LLC, three times per year. These repeat treatments are essential.

Other steps that you can take to minimize the presence of fire ants include fixing leaks promptly, leaving no water standing, storing pet food in airtight containers, and keeping the area clean of debris and litter. Make your property as inhospitable to fire ants as possible.

For fire ant control & treatment in Citrus Park, FL, count on Fire Ant Control, LLC, to manage the population of fire ants on the property. We have a customer support staff that will provide you with answers, bookings, and more with a simple call to (239) 312-8200 or by clicking here.