Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Conway, FL

Conway, FL, should be a home to fun-loving residents who enjoy the sun, water, and relaxed climate of Southwest Florida. Without the treatment provided by Fire Ant Control, LLC, though, your enjoyment will be ruined because fire ants love the warmth and humidity of the area as well.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Conway, FLIf you were to rate ant species, the imported red fire ant would be the worst! It’s an invasive species, so it has few natural competitors. Additionally, the species reproduces quickly, attacks viciously, and possesses a unique and painful venom. An attack from these fire ants is painful and usually includes multiple bites and stings.

The imported red fire ant searches for areas that are moist and warm. In this area, they’ll nest practically anywhere because of the ubiquity of humidity and heat. No area is immune, and these ants will injure people and animals and damage vegetation, home foundations, HVAC systems, and more.

Understanding Your Enemy

The imported red fire ant is an interesting creature. Knowing a few facts about them is helpful in understanding how to manage them.

Queens establish colonies soon after mating. They do so in the sky and then fall to the ground, tunnel inside, and begin laying eggs. As each generation of eggs hatch and the ants grow, the colony becomes exponentially larger.

The majority of the ant population lives underground in a complex network of tunnels. The only above ground indications of the colony are plate-shaped mounds that rise about 10” above the ground and can be as far as 25 feet in distance from the central portion of the fire ant nest. When disrupted, they’ll move the mound while the nest, and queen, is protected.

The queen herself does nothing but reproduce. The worker ants leave the nest and search for food and continue building the tunnels. A healthy queen can lay 1,500 eggs every single day.

All fire ant colonies are not single-queen colonies; some colonies are multi-queen colonies.

As the population continues, some males and females will be born that are able to fly away and reproduce. They will establish new colonies upon maturity.

An acre of property with multi-queen colonies can have 40 million ants!

An Effective Battle Plan

The fire ant treatment that we use at Fire Ant Control, LLC, is effective regardless of the size or purpose of your property. Whether you have a tiny yard or acres upon acres of pasture, call us. We use a granular food-like bait that will prevent the queen from reproducing. This one intervention stops the fire ant population in its tracks. Our product is safe around humans and animals without requiring a wait time before re-entry.

Our service is effortless on your part and will not disrupt your neighborhood.

Don’t expect our treatment to work overnight. It will take a couple of weeks for the living ants to die, but at the month’s end, your property will be at least 85% free of fire ants. Remember, though, that you’ll need to schedule another service every four months to keep the fire ant population under control.

Contact Fire Ant Control, LLC, online or by calling (239) 312-8200 for a proven and long term treatment solution in Conway, FL. If you fail to see a significant reduction in fire ants, we’ll return your fee. That’s how much we trust that our products and methods work!