Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Deltona, FL

Are you struggling with an invasion of imported red fire ants in Deltona, FL, and need fire ant control and treatment? Fire Ant Control, LLC, is the best way for property managers and homeowners to keep the pests from damaging and injuring vegetation, property, animals, and people.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Deltona, FLWe’re proud to provide the best method for dealing with imported red fire ants on a long-term basis. We can treat your property regardless of acreage. We, and our sister companies, serve the entire Southeast United States.

Imported red fire ants are invasive. They’re native to South America, so they lack natural predators in this area. What’s more, they damage property, injure victims, and exhibit more aggression than other ant species.

The habitat for fire ants lies underground in colonies of tunnels with a surface mound that serves as an exit/entrance, thermal control, and guard tower. As you walk through your property after a heavy rain, you will see signs of them near sidewalks, home foundations, open spaces, fence posts, trees, etc. Any untreated property in this area likely has these ants.

Highlights of the Imported Red Fire Ant:

  • Fire ants build elaborate colonies with networks of tunnels underground.
  • The oval-shaped mounds are an average of 10” tall with about an 8” diameter.
  • Red fire ants can survive temperatures as low as 16 degrees.
  • Fire ants can subsist on all types of food – ranging from vegetation and plants to small animals and your own pantry staples.
  • Fire ants will move indoors and infest laundry areas, electric units, and other moist and warm areas.
  • Heavy rains will cause fire ants to form a watertight ball and float to land, so you can’t flood them out.
  • Fire ant stings and bites are incredibly painful and create a red, painful bump with a white center. At times, bites can cause an allergic, life-threatening reaction.

Consider the Safety of Parks and Public Areas

Imported red fire ants will sting and bite visitors, including children. As a property owner, park manager, or city planning commissioner, taking care of fire ant infestations are your responsibility, and Fire Ant Control, LLC, can handle the problem.

Consider the Integrity and Safety of Your Home

Shouldn’t your home be a place where you can enjoy gardening, watching your children play, and hosting guests in your outdoor areas? It won’t be if you have imported red fire ants. The slightest disturbance to fire ants will instigate a vicious attack but, if you keep your property clear with service from Fire Ant Control, LLC, this danger will not be an issue.

Consider Fire Ant Issues with Agriculture and Cattle

Fire ants can injure your animals and harass workers. Bales of hay, pastureland, and stables are all prime areas for fire ant infestations. On agricultural land, standard re-entry intervals apply.

Protect Golf Courses from Fire Ant Invasions

Floridians love golf courses, and fire ants do too. Golfers, however, do not love fire ants. The ants make the game dangerous and threaten electrical equipment. We provide long-term solutions to keep golfers happy and returning to your course.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, offers measures for control and treatment on your property in Deltona, FL. To get your free estimate, dial (239) 312-8200 today!