Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Edgewood, FL

Manage the fire ant population on your property in Edgewood, FL, with control and treatment measures by Fire Ant Control, LLC. We use proven, budget-friendly, and convenient methods.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Edgewood, FLAs a non-native species, red imported fire ants are becoming much more than a nuisance in the Southeastern region of the US. Florida, in particular, is overrun by the terrors. Humidity, moisture, heat, and ample food make the area prime real estate, but they don’t welcome nearby human neighbors. They react aggressively and violently at the slightest perceived threat.

Effectively controlling the population will require that the process addresses reproduction. Without caring for the queen, the population will replace fire ants as they expire.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, uses a method that relies on a granular bait that the fire ants see as food but functions as an insect growth inhibitor. The bait ceases the queen’s ability to reproduce when she ingests it, and the colony dwindles to nothing as the living ants reach the end of their lives. Within a single life cycle, the population can be diminished by 85-95%, and it will stay that way for four-month periods.

Repeat treatments every four months are essential to keep your property up to 95% free of fire ants. Otherwise, fire ants can return, and the population will resurge.

The process and product we use are zoned for application around people, pets, and livestock, and when collaborating with our sister companies, up to 1,000 acres/day can be treated.

The mobility of fire ants means you’ll need to repeat the treatment as the bait is consumed or washed away. Three treatments per year will provide 95% freedom from fire ants, or we’ll refund your fee.

If You Do Nothing…

Solenopsis invicta, the scientific name for red imported fire ants, is an aggressive ant species. They attack viciously, reproduce quickly, cause painful injury, and cause surprisingly serious property damage.

One acre may hold up to 40 million fire ants when the colony has more than one queen per colony. 

Most fire ants live their lives underground, extending the colony’s network of intricate tunnels. If you don’t intervene, that colony will work its way into your home, under its foundation, within your A/C unit, your pantry’s Pop-Tarts®, and your child’s room, where the crumbs await.

Treatments that work are few and far between. The Internet may claim that dumping water, vinegar, gas, and other tricks might work, but they don’t. You may get the satisfaction of seeing some dead ants, but the queen will be far below ground, safe, and continuing to repopulate that colony.

Without targeting reproduction, within a couple of weeks, the fire ant problem will be just as bad as it was before. Stop wasting your money and time or putting yourself and your family in danger: Call Fire Ant Control, LLC, for a booking.

We’re professionals with complete bonding, licensing, and insurance coverage. We use a granular bait that you don’t have to worry about being used around your home. Even more, we won’t damage your property or cause you much inconvenience.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, offers surefire treatment & prevention measures for private and public properties in Edgewood, FL. To book an estimate, initial consultation, or follow-up service, reach out by clicking here or calling (239) 312-8200 today!