Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Fort Meade, FL

The damage imported red fire ants can do will surprise you. Nothing is safe from the scourge of these critters – from your plants to your animals, home foundation, and even the snacks in your cabinet. An infestation of fire ants is a significant problem, but Fire Ant Control, LLC, has the solution. For an effective fire ant control and treatment in Fort Meade, FL, secure your spot on our schedule.

The Fire Ant Habitat

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Fort Meade, FLMany people think mounds are the only place where fire ants live. Not true! The colonies are numerous and vast. Secure your ability to walk through your lawn without worry by signing up for proactive treatment.

The fire ant mound is both the entrance/exit and thermal control for the fire ant colony. The mound also serves as a guard post for the underground tunnels of ants. When the mound is slightly disturbed, an army of vicious attackers will rush forth.

Within one single queen colony, 40-150 mounds could exist with 7 million ants/acre. For multi-queen colonies, the numbers expand to 200+ mounds and up to 40 million imported red fire ants/acre. These astronomical numbers should demonstrate that most of the ant activity is underground and unseen. In this area, you likely have a problem without even recognizing it.

How the Fire Ant Control, LLC, Solution Works

The bait we use is granular and food-like. In essence, we fool the worker ants into feeding the queen with a growth inhibitor that spells doom for their colony. When the queen ingests the bait, she’s sterilized and no longer lays eggs. The result of this is that as the living ants die, the colony dies off with them.

The bait that we use is safe. It’s approved for use on agricultural, residential, and public property with no re-entry interval required. We guarantee our treatment will rid your property of 85-95% of the fire ants for four months at a time, or your money back.

Within a month, your property should be at least 85% free of imported red fire ants, and should stay this way until the time for the reapplication arrives. Fire ants will repopulate areas that aren’t retreated because they are mobile creatures, flying to mate and moving when heavy rains demand it.

Fire Ant Control, LLC is a fully licensed and insured company; you don’t have to worry about the reputability of our service.

The affordability of our products lies in the fact that our treatments work. Other treatment methods do not, so money spent on them is wasted.

How Ants React to Heavy Rains

When heavy rains come, your imported red fire ant problem doesn’t go away. These ants are remarkable in their response to water and flooding. They form a ball with the queen and eggs in the middle and float until they find a place of purchase. This phenomenon explains why you’ll often see mounds emerging near sidewalks, trees, and other vertical objects after rains.

Unfortunately, this fact means that heavy rains will drive them into your home where they may fall in love with the warmth, moisture, and consistent food they might find. The last thing you want is Fido or your child falling prey to their attacks.

If you’re looking for long-term fire ant control and treatment in Fort Meade, FL, reach out to Fire Ant Control, LLC. Our number is (239) 312-8200, and we’re happy to provide a free estimate for your acreage.