Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Lake Alfred, FL

All types of properties have issues with red imported fire ants. They’re not choosy. Residential, commercial, and agricultural properties are all at risk, but fire ant control and treatment from Fire Ant Control, LLC can help you manage the population effectively.

Red Imported Fire Ants Have Come a Long Way

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Lake Alfred, FLAn invasive species doesn’t always flourish within the new environment. Still, red imported fire ants have found an ideal area in the southern US with little competition for resources. Their speedy reproductive abilities and survival skills make the red imported fire ant a problematic species to overcome.

The Physical Features of the Red Imported Fire Ant

At first glance, red imported fire ants may look just like other ant species. The ants have a reddish abdomen and both a mandible for biting and a stinger. When you spot mounds of loose soil with flat surfaces and an 8” diameter, you might want to pay closer attention to the ants on your property and take care of them before they become a problem.

The Behavior of Red Imported Fire Ants

Red imported fire ants find strength in numbers. They live in colonies that constantly grow, build, and spread. The foundation of the colony is the queen or queens. The queen and a winged male mate in the sky to establish the colony. Afterward, the male dies, and the queen drops to the ground and begins growing the colony.

She begins by creating a small nest, laying and nurturing that first generation of offspring. After establishing that initial family, her job becomes laying eggs. Other ants take over defense jobs, egg and larvae care, food gathering, and caring for the queen.

The mobile nature of fire ants makes retreatments imperative. Crates being shipped, sod, plant, and tree purchases; heavy rains; and food shortages are just a few of the situations that introduce fire ants to new properties. Our system requires that you schedule our service every four months to trigger the money-back guarantee. With Fire Ant Control, LLC, service, your property will remain 85-99% free of fire ants for four months at a time.

Red Imported Fire Ants Cause Injury and Damage

Fire ant attacks are two-fold. They both bite and sting, and the population attacks en masse. Until the fire ants are physically removed, they will hold onto the skin, injecting their unique venom. Their venom is the only one of its kind and creates blisters with hard white centers that stick around for a while. Scratching these can cause infection, but cleaning them quickly with soap and water or alcohol will ease the pain.

For a small percentage of the population, the attack is potentially deadly. An anaphylactic reaction can occur if an allergy exists to the venom and requires immediate medical intervention.

In addition to injury, fire ants nest in areas that cause damage. Home foundations, tree roots, HVAC systems, wiring, and more are at risk for damage from fire ants when the infestation is substantial.

Fire Ant Control, LLC Has the Solution

Our secret is a granular bait that fire ants see as a tasty treat. The product has been approved for use on all types of properties with no wait time for re-entry on private property, and it’s far more effective than any other product available.

When the worker ants take the bait to the queen, she’s sterilized and can no longer lay eggs to perpetuate the colony’s population. Within one life cycle, the population will be diminished by 85-95%. Schedule your service in Lake Alfred, FL for fire ant control & treatment by calling Fire Ant Control, LLC, today: (239) 312-8200.