Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Lake Mary, FL

Do you need a method of fire ant control that works well, quickly? If so, look no further for fire ant control and treatment in Lake Mary, FL, than Fire Ant Control, LLC.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Lake Mary, FLRed imported fire ants aren’t likely to leave Southwest Florida, but you can be sure they will leave a treated area. Relish your paradise without having to watch out for ant swarms as you garden, golf, or walk to your mailbox.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides treatments that get rid of up to 85-99% of fire ant populations in treated areas. Our treatment methods work in all sorts of properties including:

  • Residences
  • Commercial areas
  • Golf courses
  • Ranches
  • Parks
  • Agricultural areas
  • City and county properties

The Fire Ant Control, LLC, Method Works

If you walk down the aisle at home improvement stores and see the numerous types of fire ant prevention products, you’ll likely think that professional intervention must be unnecessary and that you can clearly handle the problem on your own. In short, no – that’s inaccurate. The DIY products found at these stores will not work very well at all. They target the mound individually, leaving the colony below ground alone and thriving.

Landscapers often promise to fix fire ant problems, and you might take their word for it trusting that they’re professionals. However, they may not be trained or licensed in this area, and they probably will use harmful, toxic chemicals that could kill your plants, sicken your pets, and require a long period of time before re-entry. What’s more, the treatment will be short-lived, at best.

For proven, effective, and quick treatment, call on Fire Ant Control, LLC.

We use a granular bait that the fire ants believe to be food. The ants then carry this food back to their queen, and she eats it. In so doing, she sterilizes herself and is no longer capable of laying eggs. As the living ants die, the colony does too.

This approach does not work immediately. It may take a couple of weeks, but it will last for four months at a time. After four months, schedule another treatment because the fire ants will repopulate your property. They’re mobile creatures whose queens fly to mate, and they move to establish new colonies regularly.

Make Your Property Unappealing to Fire Ant Populations

As a property owner, you can always take steps to limit the fire ant population on your property. All living things require food and water. Check around for standing water or steady leaks. Remediating these issues while storing garbage, pet food, and seed in airtight conditions will promote a pest-free environment.

Count on us to provide stand-out customer support at (239) 312-8200. Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides control and treatment in Lake Mary, FL, for all sorts of properties including private, public, and otherwise. You can enjoy the tropical lifestyle without the aggravation and damage of red imported fire ants. Get your free estimate today!