Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Murray Hill, FL

If you’re looking for a simple, affordable, and effective source for fire ant control and treatment in Murray Hill, FL, consider Fire Ant Control, LLC. We offer protection for your family and your property in Jacksonville and the greater Duval County area.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Murray Hill, FLRed imported fire ants, also known as Solenopsis invicta in textbooks, are highly injurious to animals and people and damaging to all sorts of property from crops to HVAC systems. The unique venom within these ants can even kill 1-2% of the population.

Lessen the risk of injury and damage from red imported fire ants by calling Fire Ant Control, LLC, for service every four months.

Murray Hill, FL – Fire Ant Heaven

Murray Hill, FL, is a haven for red imported fire ants, as is much of the area around it. The humid air, plentiful moisture, open spaces, sun exposure, and ample food make this area a great place for fire ants to thrive, at least until you call us.

We attack the colonies of red imported fire ants from the inside.

The Universal Solution to Red Imported Fire Ants

The method that we work to treat properties for red imported fire ants works as well on small lots as it does on thousands of acres of cattle land. It is regulated and deemed safe for application on agricultural, residential, public, and private properties – without requiring a period of wait time before re-entering said property.

Homes and Lawns

Red imported fire ants pose a danger to the residents of homes, as well as their guests. Without treatment, gardening, playing, mowing, or simply walking, can be a dangerous act. Make your property a safe place where you and your family can enjoy some of the finest parts of life. We’ll handle the problem without endangering your pets or anyone who might be downwind from a chemical spray used by other companies.

On the Fairway

Golf resorts have to deal with plenty of hazards to the green, but there’s perhaps no greater problem than red imported fire ants. Attacks by these ants could seriously harm visitors to the course, and they’re often unavoidable, happening with little provocation. The damage that the fire ants can do to electrical and irrigation equipment shouldn’t be overlooked either. Our service can be applied without disrupting the activities of the resort.

Parks, Playgrounds, and Other Public Areas

If one demographic is particularly vulnerable to fire ants, it’s children. After rains, you’re likely to see fire ants around equipment on playgrounds, putting kids at risk since they’re less likely to recognize the danger. In fact, you’ll probably find a few curious youngsters around the mound poking it with sticks until the ants respond with an attack of their own. Protect the youngest among us from themselves and fire ants by calling Fire Ant Control, LLC.

The service we provide has a six-month, money-back guarantee. Fire ants are mobile and will return, so we do require that you reschedule treatment every four months for the guarantee to apply.

Dial Fire Ant Control, LLC, at (239) 312-8200 to schedule your free estimate or secure a place on our calendar for control and treatment measures in Murray Hill, FL. Our methods work well, cost less than treatments that don’t, and require no effort on the part of our clients.