Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Olga, FL

Properties in Olga, FL, without appropriate fire ant control & treatment, are vulnerable to infestation. Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides measures that will keep your home, business, or other property up to 99% free of fire ants with treatment three times yearly.

Understand the Fight

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Olga, FLNon-native species tend to take over because they lack natural competition that inhibits their expansion. Kudzu, anyone?

This lack of competition explains the problem of controlling the populations of red imported fire ants. They’re not native to North America. Fire ants first entered the US through the Port of Mobile in 1930, and since that initial entry, they have established themselves across the entire southern half of the country. They’re particularly problematic in the Southeast region, and a quarantine has been established to manage the spread as much as possible.

The Southeast’s warmth, moisture, and plentiful food sources, particularly Florida, create a situation that makes red imported fire ants very difficult to manage. Our treatment is your best bet to check the fire ant population on your property in a way that works for the long term.

The Injury and Damage Fire Ants Cause

Without a natural check on population growth, fire ant colonies will continue to expand as long as space allows. Furthermore, they’ll colonize practically any location. They love the warmth of the motor in your HVAC system as much as they do the open spaces of your yard.

This limitless expansion, unfortunately, means that fire ants can wreak havoc on your property, destroying home foundations, killing young plants and trees, and even invading your snack cabinet. A seemingly minor problem can cause extreme damage that can be prevented with one simple call to us.

Property damage isn’t the only problem with an unchecked fire ant population. Injury is another.

Fire ants bite and sting at the same time. They hold onto the victim with their mandibles (jaws) as they sting, injecting a unique poison that causes hard blisters with white centers. If you experience a fire ant attack, cleaning the area with soap, water, or alcohol can minimize the pain. You should also watch for signs of an allergic reaction. A small percentage of the population can experience anaphylaxis, a severe allergic reaction that requires medical intervention.

The Fire Ant Control, LLC, Management Method

Fire Ant Control, LLC, utilizes products and techniques that prevent reproduction. After strategically applying the bait, worker ants will collect it and take it to the queen for her consumption. Doing so causes her to lose the ability to lay eggs, so as the living ants reach the end of their life cycle, no new ones hatch as replacements. After a single life cycle, your property will be a minimum of 85% free of fire ants.

The granular bait we apply has been approved for properties with animals and people without requiring a waiting period for returning.

Book treatment with us every four months, and we support the effectiveness of our treatment with a money-back guarantee. Fire ants move to find resources or, when weather requires it, establish new colonies as the winged males and females mature and travel in loads of sod or other products.

Managing the fire ant population on your property in Olga, FL, requires control & treatment measures like those we at Fire Ant Control, LLC, provide. If you want to book a free estimate or a fire ant treatment, click here to contact us online or call (239) 312-8200.