Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Ortega, FL

Red imported fire ants can be a serious problem in residential, commercial, and agricultural areas. Fortunately, Fire Ant Control, LLC supplies fire ant control and treatment for all types of properties in Ortega, FL as well as all of Jacksonville and Duval County.

The History of the Red Imported Fire Ant

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Ortega, FLAs a non-native species, the red imported fire ant has found a haven with little natural competition in the United States. The state of Mato Grosso, Brazil, was the first home of the species, and it was introduced into the US in the 1930s or 1940s. The red imported fire ant has spread quickly all the way to parts of California and throughout the southern states. The fact that the fire ant reproduces quickly and resists common challenges to its survival have led this species to thrive.

Spotting the Red Imported Fire Ant

Red imported fire ants can appear similarly to a few other types of ants. They’re reddish brown and ⅛”-¼” long. In general, though, you can tell by the appearance of the mounds with their flat tops and dinner size diameter, as well as by the distinctness of the sting if you’re unfortunate enough to suffer an attack.

Understanding the Behavior of Red Imported Fire Ants

The population of red imported fire ants lives in colonies. A colony is founded when winged male and female fire ants meet in the air to mate. The male dies shortly after, and the queen drops to the ground and finds the perfect place to establish her kingdom.

She will build the initial nest herself, caring for the first generation of eggs and larvae. However, once that generation is able to take over these jobs, she becomes solely responsible for laying eggs while her offspring care for the new eggs and larvae, forage for food, build the colony, and defend the population.

Fire ants move around quite a bit. From hitching a ride on cars to traveling with shipments of sod, or surviving flood waters, fire ants move around, so any management process has to be repeated. For the treatment we provide to work consistently, and for the money-back guarantee to apply, our clients must schedule repeat treatments every four months.

The Risks of Red Imported Fire Ants

The sting of a red imported fire ant is memorable. The fire ants sting over and over and will aggressively attack anything perceived to be a threat. The unique venom of fire ants causes pain, burning, and itching with a blister complete with white center that may last well over a week. Not only can these blisters result in infection, but the venom can cause an allergy that is life threatening for some people.

The ants will also cause property damage by infesting concrete foundations, tree roots, electrical components, and even homes.

The Fire Ant Control Solution

The granular bait that we use is authorized for use around animals and people. All types of land can be treated with this product, and it’s more effective and less hazardous than other treatments.

Worker ants carry this bait into the colony, and the queen becomes sterile after enjoying her share. The population will disappear by a minimum of 85% over the course of one full fire ant life cycle.

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