Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Parrish, FL

Fighting against an overpopulation of red imported fire ants can be a never-ending challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. Property owners and managers in Parrish, FL, should call Fire Ant Control, LLC, for fire ant control and treatment that works well for long-term periods.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Parrish, FLControlling the fire ant population on your own is difficult because of the behavior of these critters. They live underground in large networks of tunnels, leaving only small mounds of loose soil above ground to indicate their presence. When you use chemicals to treat these mounds, the ants simply move the mound somewhere else in the vicinity. Other than the immediate ants you contact with the chemical, little else is done to manage the population.

The only effective method for managing the fire ant population is to call licensed pest control professionals like Fire Ant Control, LLC. We offer the best products, best practices, and best customer service available. Operating out of Bokeelia, Florida, we, in cooperation with our sister companies, cover the whole fire ant quarantined area within the Southeast portion of the United States. In one day, we can treat up to 1,000 acres of fire ant infested land.

Fire Ants and Moisture

Fire ants love moist areas. This part of the world has no shortage of water, so it has no shortage of fire ants. From the many bodies of water to the frequent rainfall, Florida’s climate provides a welcome habitat for imported red fire ants.

Our golf courses, open area parks, and other sunny spots are some of the favorites of fire ants. Make sure that your favorite outdoor activities are safe to enjoy by banishing the vicious pests from your property with our help.

Do You Have Ants?

The short answer is that if you live in this region, you likely have an ant presence. If you need visual assurance, though, check out your property after a heavy rain. You’ll likely see mounds of loose soil around trees, sidewalks, home foundations, etc. These small mounds are indicative of a world of trouble below!

Not only do fire ant bites hurt, but fire ants themselves love electrical components and can single-handedly destroy your HVAC system’s outside unit. They can ruin tree roots, eat through food packaging, and even nest inside piles of laundry. Don’t let your problem get this severe before you call upon us to handle it for you.

A bite from a red imported fire ant isn’t an average bug bite. The bites themselves are painful, leaving blisters with white pustules in the center, and red imported fire ants are the only type of ants with venom capable of this injury. Additionally, you’ll hardly ever have one ant bite at a time. These are army attackers, climbing upward and biting and stinging in unison. At times, an anaphylactic reaction can result. If this occurs, get medical help immediately.

The Fire Ant Control, LLC, Method

The method that we use to manage fire ants works by preventing reproduction. Our powerful, granular bait is carried into the colony where the queen ingests it and becomes sterile. Since she can no longer lay eggs, the population will die out without being replaced. With re-treatment every four months, your property will remain 85-95% free of red imported fire ants.

Fire ant control and treatment for your property in Parrish, FL, is as close as your phone. Schedule a service from Fire Ant Control, LLC, by calling (239) 312-8200 at your earliest convenience.