Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Tangerine, FL

If you’re a property owner in Tangerine, FL, and have noticed fire ant activity, the professionals at Fire Ant Control, LLC, stand ready to provide a solution. We offer a hands-free application of granular bait that works as an effective control and treatment of imported red fire ants.

Understanding Imported Red Fire Ants

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Tangerine, FLThe imported red fire ant, brought to the US during the 1930s, has become a substantial problem within the southern US, infesting yards, pastures, parks, and practically any other type of property.

If you’ve been stung by one of these ants, you understand the name. The sting is quite painful and usually results in a large bump with a hard center that can become infected.

Stumbling across a fire ant colony with no warning is easy since the colony is generally underground. Mounds of earth might indicate an opening to the colony, but the tunnels where the ants live reach dozens of feet below the mound itself. If the mound is disturbed, watch out. The ants will climb up, and when you move an arm or leg, they will all attack at the same time.

Fire ant populations within a colony can include more than one queen and hundreds of thousands of worker ants. The workers do all the work – finding food, constructing the colony, fighting off perceived predators, and waiting on the queen and the eggs waiting to hatch. The queen herself is solely responsible for breeding to continue the colony. She lays eggs and, without her, the colony would die out. Knowing this fact is key to understanding how our methods of extermination work.

Imported red fire ants will eat pretty much anything – other bugs, worms, fruit, small animals, and even items from your pantry. These ants will invade your home and can even chew through packaging. Attracted to electric equipment, fire ants can destroy breakers, A/C units, home foundations, and more. Ignoring the problem now will lead to expensive repairs and a difficult time resolving the problem later.

Fire Ant Treatments

A fire ant problem that you think is small is probably quite a bit larger than you imagine. A colony with one queen can generate up to 150 mounds and have a 7 million strong fire ant population. When colonies have more than one queen, each acre can contain over 200 mounds and 40 million vicious, stinging, imported red fire ants.

This situation demands that you call on professional exterminators, like Fire Ant Control, LLC, to take care of the problem and make sure that you can safely enjoy your property. Have a picnic, do yard work, send your kids out to play without worrying about aggressive, painful biting imported red fire ants.

Most of the time, stings and bites from imported red fire ants just cause sharp, short-lived pain and bumps, but anaphylactic reactions can occur, even if previous bites have never caused a reaction. This situation can lead to death without fast medical intervention.

Applying our granular bait draws worker ants to carry the bait into the colony, but the solution is not an immediate one. It requires time for the queen to get the bait, become sterile, and then for the remaining workers to die out. A few weeks later, the population will be 85-95% free from fire ant infestation and should stay that way for about four months at a time.

Fire ant control and treatment for your property in Tangerine, FL, is as close as a call to Fire Ant Control, LLC: (239) 312-8200.