Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Tavares, FL

Stop worrying about fire ants at your home in Tavares, FL, in the Greater Orlando area, with convenient, effective, and affordable fire ant control and treatment from the professionals at Fire Ant Control, LLC. We’re fully licensed and insured, and the product that we use is approved for use on public and private properties.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Tavares, FLFire Ant Control, LLC, is the ideal source of population management in Southwestern Florida, providing long term solutions. With the help of our sister companies, we’re able to provide service to the entire red imported fire ant quarantine area of the Southeastern states, up to 1k acres/day.

Banish Fire Ants from Your Property

Fire ants are ubiquitous to the Orlando area. This climate and environment  offer everything fire ants need to live well. Warm temperatures encourage fast reproduction, and the area provides plenty of moisture and food sources as well. Solenopsis invicta, the bougie name for red imported fire ants, aren’t native to the US, so they lack natural competition for these resources, making them especially hard to manage.

Don’t live with the problem! Call Fire Ant Control, LLC, for approved treatments that work well for four months at a time. Instead of targeting the mound, as many approaches do, we address the source of the colony: the queen’s ability to reproduce.

Targeting reproduction is essential to population management, a position that’s completely understandable when you recognize the population potential for a single acre of land. Colonies with one queen may hold 7 million red imported fire ants/acre, and those with multiple queens can have upwards of 40 million red imported fire ants waiting to attack!

This granular bait has been approved for residential, public, agricultural, and commercial properties, without a wait time for re-entry of people or animals.

Failure to intervene and deal with fire ants is asking for trouble, in terms of injury and property damage.

It doesn’t take much to inspire fire ant attacks. Very small disruptions can cause massive swarms of red imported fire ants to come forth from the mound and attack whatever’s near. Red imported fire ants bite and sting all at the same time, holding on and stinging repeatedly. These stings inject venom that only red imported fire ants possess, creating an equally unique injury. The large blister with a white center is painful and will hang around for about a week unless it becomes infected. Even worse, a small portion of the population is allergic and can have an anaphylactic reaction without medical intervention.

Your property will also be at risk. Fire ant nesting behaviors can cause structural damage to the foundation and the home’s systems. Wiring, A/C systems, and even the food within your pantry are all ideal places for fire ants to take up residence when times get tough or open spaces are full.

We’ll take care of your fire ant problem with a Trojan horse approach. Fire Ant Control techs will strategically place the bait that we use, and the fire ants will view it as food. When they carry it down to the queen for her enjoyment, she’ll become infertile. No new eggs equals a dying out colony without replacement citizens. This process requires one life cycle to provide a minimum of 85% fewer fire ants.

Scheduling fire ant control and treatment services in Tavares, FL, near Orlando couldn’t be easier. Call Fire Ant Control, LLC at (239) 312-8200 or follow this link .