Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Valrico, FL

Do the fire ants on your property keep you from allowing your kids to play, consume your thoughts as you walk to the mailbox or mow the grass, or even venture into your pantry chewing through packaging and infesting piles of laundry? If so, you need fire ant control and treatment in Valrico, FL, from the experts here at Fire Ant Control, LLC.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Valrico, FLFire Ant Control, LLC, applies a specific bait that controls the population by managing the means of reproduction via an insect growth regulator that is effective and safe when applied around people and animals.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, along with our sister companies, covers the entirety of the portion of the Southeast US that’s under quarantine for imported red fire ants. Our specialty is managing fire ant populations without regard to property type or size. Schedule our treatment if you manage private, public, commercial, governmental, residential, or agricultural properties. Our methods will protect the breaker boxes and HVAC units as well as the livestock, golfers, or guests. The fire ants aren’t particular about their victims, so why should the treatment be limited to one type of area?

The Love Fire Ants Have for Southwest Florida

Southwest Florida offers everything fire ants desire: sun, warmth, water, and moisture. The well-watered lawns, parks, banks, golf courses, pastures, ranches, and even electrical workings become ideal real estate for the establishment of fire ant colonies.

Fire ants are industrious in their construction efforts. The mounds you see above ground are no indication of the size of the real colony. Underground lie extensive tunnels that grow continuously as the queen lays eggs and the workers build, gather food, and attack interlopers. Heavy rains don’t discourage these ants. Their ingenuity extends to creating a floating ball with the queen at the center, carrying her and the future of the colony to dry ground.

The habitats and behavior of fire ants should make clear why approaches that target mounds or attempt to drown out the colony are ineffective and short-term.

Consider the Fire Ant Control, LLC, Alternative

The methods that we use at Fire Ant Control, LLC, target the reproductive methods of the colony in order to control the population.

Our bait is food in the eyes of fire ants. The worker ants enjoy their meal and carry it down to the queen. Unfortunately for her, this food is a growth inhibitor, sterilizing the queen. Being unable to lay more eggs, the population dies off within one life cycle.

This alternative method is far better, safer, and more affordable than chemicals that only eliminate the visible ants.

The Fire Ant Control, LLC, approach also lasts far longer than other treatments. However, nothing lasts permanently. Fire ants are mobile, and as the population of colonies grows, heavy rains may cause the ants’ eviction, or the search for new food or water sources will trigger migration to new locations. Our granular bait will last for four months at a time and will require reapplication thereafter.

We offer a money-back guarantee. If you regularly schedule our service every four months and your property fails to remain 85-95% free of fire ants, we’ll refund your payment.

For more information about fire ant control and treatment measures that work well in Valrico, FL, reach out to Fire Ant Control, LLC, via our website or by calling (239) 312-8200. We can provide a complimentary estimate or schedule treatment at your convenience.