Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Windy Hill, FL

Do you want fire ant control and treatment in Windy Hill, FL, with a money-back guarantee? Consider Fire Ant Control, LLC to manage the pest population in Jacksonville or the Duval County area.

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Windy Hill, FLRed imported fire ants are a significant problem throughout the Southeast region of the United States, and together with our sister companies, we are able to serve 1,000 acres per day and cover the whole quarantined area.

Solenopsis invicta, the scientific name for red imported fire ants, come from South America originally. They’re by far the most destructive, injurious, aggressive, and difficult to manage ant species in the US. They’re prolific reproducers, builders, and attackers. The unique venom that they have can create a serious reaction within a small percentage of the population and a painful blister in all victims.

In addition to injury, red imported fire ants cause expensive, serious damage to property ranging from crops to cattle, home foundations, electric equipment, etc.

We at Fire Ant Control, LLC, are known for effective, effortless treatment and incredible customer service. Our application is appropriate, and we use a safe, strong, food-like bait to target the colony at the population.

After application, within one life cycle, the property will be up to 95% free of red imported fire ants. Then, you’ll need to schedule reapplication every four months.

The Fire Ant Way

The only signs you’ll see of fire ants above ground are the round, flat top mounds they build for entrance, exit, and solar heating and the ants themselves.

What you won’t see is the massive network of tunnels they constantly work on below the surface. The majority of the millions of ants are there.

A single acre of land can hold up to 7 million fire ants with single-queen colonies and as many as 40 million with multi-queen colonies.

Stumbling across the colony accidentally is never a pleasant experience. Ants will stream forth and attack, repeatedly, at the same time as they climb.

The Treatment Works

If you’re wondering how our bait works, consider the results of sterilizing the queen. The bait is a growth inhibitor and prevents the propagation of the colony by preventing the queen from laying new eggs. Living ants die off, and so does the colony.

This method isn’t instantly gratifying, but it is effective for the long term.

The fire ant life cycle lasts between 22-38 days, so within a few weeks, your property will be virtually fire ant free. We pledge up to 85% freedom from red imported fire ant populations.

Fully insured and licensed, Fire Ant Control, LLC is a trusted and well-regarded company. We use a regulated bait that is approved for use on private and public property without a wait time for re-entry.

The treatment we provide works for one-half of a year. Ants are mobile creatures, and queens fly to mate and drop to establish new colonies. Since the bait doesn’t last forever, you will need to call us for a reapplication every four months.

Call (239) 312-8200 today for a free consultation or service for fire ant control and treatment in Windy Hill, FL. As a property manager, homeowner, or business owner, you stand to benefit from an affordable and effective solution for a significant problem. Fire Ant Control, LLC, has that solution.