Do red imported fire ants plague your Sebring, FL property? Although there are several fire ant control methods – some that work and some that don’t – it’s crucial to minimize the damage by scheduling a treatment from Fire Ant Control, LLC – the best fire ant killer around!

Fire Ant Control & Treatment in Sebring, FL

Headquartered in Bokeelia, Florida, Fire Ant Control, LLC serves the complete imported fire ant quarantine area of the southeastern U.S. and can treat up to 1,000 acres per day.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Fire Ants

Are fire ants harmful?

Fire ants are indeed harmful. They are a risk to livestock, machinery, pets, electrical lines, and people (particularly small children). A fire ant attack involves hundreds or even thousands of ants that attack all at once. People can generally survive such an attack; however, some have allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis.

What do fire ants eat?

The diet of a fire ant includes protein, carbohydrates (sugars), and fats. Their menu consists of insects, earthworms, ticks, spiders, honeydew and other sweets, oils, oily seeds, meats, small birds, small mammals, amphibians, and reptiles. To complement this tasty buffet, fire ants also eat crops such as corn, soybeans, sorghum, germinating seeds, young corn stalks and potato tubers, and young okra fruits.

How long do fire ants live?

While worker ants live for only 1-4 months, the queen can live as long as seven years and lay as many as 1,500 eggs a day!

Can I drown fire ants to get rid of them?

Water is not an effective treatment for fire ants. Even in the case of widespread flooding, they have a mechanism for survival. They form their bodies into watertight balls that some people refer to as “living rafts” and can float on the water’s surface. Worker ants protect the queen and her eggs to ensure the survival of the colony.

What is the best way to kill fire ants?

The key to eliminating red fire ants is to kill the queen(s) to sterilize the colonies from the inside out. Our potent, food-like granular bait contains an insect growth regulator that sterilizes the queen and is approved for use around people, pets, livestock, and on pastures, hayfields, and farmland.

Worker ants eat the bait, carry it down inside the colony, and share it with other ants, and the entire ant population will die out naturally. The ants are not exterminated instantly but, once the queen has been sterilized, the colony will disappear in weeks, and no new ants will be born. With two treatments a year from Fire Ant Control, your property can be 95% free of fire ants.

Protecting people, animals, and plants on your property in Sebring, FL, from fire ant attacks can be a constant headache. Call Fire Ant Control at (239) 312-8200 for a free estimate. We are so confident our treatment works; we guarantee your satisfaction!