One of the biggest problems for nursery owners in Florida is fire ants. They can destroy perfectly good crops practically overnight and ruin an entire growing season if not appropriately handled. Finding the best fire ant killer for your nursery has never been easier.

Fire Ant Killer for Nurseries in Florida

Fire Ant Control, LLC provides services to nurseries throughout Florida and is ready to tackle your fire ant problem, no matter how big. Whether you run a small nursery or have thousands of acres, we can help you get rid of your fire ants.

How Fire Ants Affect Nurseries

Red imported fire ants (Solenopsis invicta) infest more than 360 million acres across the southeastern U.S., California, and New Mexico. They pose a serious public health threat, injuring more than 20 million adults and children each year with their stings.

Fire ants are fond of electrical equipment and can cause equipment failures and damage transformer boxes and irrigation equipment. They are also harmful to nursery plants and field operations:

  • They can cause girdling, killing plants and trees;
  • They tunnel into the base of developing plant stalks and into potato tubers and young okra;
  • They feed on germinating seeds and seedlings;
  • They collect plant seeds and scatter them around their mounds, affecting plant distribution and abundance;
  • They attack bees and interfere with pollination;
  • They compete with and kill native beneficial ants and other organisms;
  • Their painful stings can cause medical problems for field workers and farm animals.

How to Get Rid of Them

Fire Ant Control, LLC has developed a food-like granular bait that works to eliminate red imported fire ants across Florida. It doesn’t matter if you need to treat one acre or thousands of acres; this system will help you control your fire ant problem.

The granular bait is carried down to the queen fire ant by the worker ants. The queen is the most important because she is solely responsible for reproducing ants to populate the colony. The bait sterilizes and eventually kills the queen, ensuring that the fire ant colony will eventually die.

A well-established fire ant colony can consist of hundreds of thousands of fire ants. Fire Ant Control, LLC, has a 95% guarantee that we will get rid of your fire ants for up to four months at a time. A new treatment is needed every four months to ensure they don’t come back. Much like weeds in a garden, if left untreated, they will return.

If you seek the best fire ant killer for Florida nurseries, call Fire Ant Control, LLC today at (239) 312-8200, and schedule a free consultation to get you on your way to controlling your fire ant problem.