Fire Ant Prevention Tips

Proactively combat fire ant infestation with prevention tips and treatment measures from Fire Ant Control, LLC.

The Serious Nature of Fire Ant Issues

Fire Ant Prevention TipsRed imported fire ant infestations are serious. Once fire ants have established a presence on a property, they are difficult to evict. Unfortunately, their habitation comes with injury and property damage.

Fire ants have a venom unlike any other that causes a unique injury. If fire ants have attacked you, you understand the source of their name. They attack as an army – climbing, biting, and stinging together. The ants sting repeatedly until they’re physically removed, and the stings leave behind a pimple-like blister with a white center that lasts for about a week. These wounds can become infected if popped or scratched, and they hurt. This injury is the most benign of the reactions to the attack, though.

A small percentage of the population will have an allergic response, either localized, systemwide, or anaphylactic. The reaction will typically worsen with each successive attack, so if you or a member of your family experiences swelling, red streaks, nausea, dizziness, chest tightness, or other symptomatic responses, seek medical attention. You may need to carry an Epi-pen in case of a future fire ant interaction.

Unfortunately, coming across fire ants is quite common in Southwest Florida because of their ubiquitous nature in the area. Create a safe space by hiring Fire Ant Control, LLC, and making your property unfriendly for fire ants. They like abundant food sources, so limit overfeeding pets and store pet food in tightly sealed containers. They seek out water sources, so repair leaks promptly. They seek places of refuge, so keep the property clean.

The Fire Ant, LLC, Method

Handling fire ants on your own is a recipe for disaster. Most of the “solutions” focus on the fire ants at the colony’s surface. Pouring liquids down the mound or spraying chemicals will kill surface ants, and the ones that die will be replaced just as quickly since the queen is constantly laying new eggs.

Without focusing on the queen’s reproduction ability, the fire ant problem will continue and grow.

Our methods will effectively stop reproduction. We utilize a granular bait that we apply strategically to appeal to the worker ants and carry it down to the queen. When she consumes the bait, it sterilizes her, and the colony dies out as the living ants reach the end of their life cycle. This method results in an 85-99% reduction of fire ants, and this status will remain for four-month terms. Continued protection requires retreatment three times annually.

Red imported fire ants are not a native species to North America. Their invasion began in the 1930s through the Port of Mobile, and since that time, they have firmly set up habitation throughout the southern half of the United States. Being an invasive species, they lack any natural competition for resources.

Contact our team to learn how we can become the intervening measure required to control fire ant populations. We are fully licensed and insured, use regulated and approved products, and offer a money-back guarantee.

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