How to Get Rid of Fire Ants

If your property has been invaded and you need to know how to get rid of fire ants, we have good news for you! Fire Ant Control, LLC, specializes in providing all property types with effective fire ant population management. Don’t live in fear of minuscule terrorists; instead, book service with us three times per year.

Fire Ants and the Problems They Pose

How to Get Rid of Fire AntsSolenopsis invicta, the proper name for the fire ant, is also called RIFA (Red Imported Fire Ant. Native to Brazil and Argentina, fire ants have been in North America for nearly a century and are known for being aggressive and having a painful sting. You’ll find fire ants throughout the southern half of the US, but they love the Southeast in particular. In Southwest Florida, Fire Ant Control, LLC, is the leading provider of effective treatment. In collaboration with our sister companies, we treat the whole quarantined area, up to 1,000 acres daily.

The fire ant comes in a length that can be ⅛-¼” and a color of reddish brown/black. Fire ants live in colonies underground and have a social structure with the queen at the top and worker ants below. Without the queen to lay eggs, the colony can’t continue, so the behavior of the fire ant colony focuses on protecting her.

The fire ant mound is the only above-ground signal of fire ant presence, but most fire ants are beneath the mound. It serves as a “door” and solar temperature control for the colony. If you, your pet, or your mailman come too close to a fire ant mound, you will inspire a vicious attack that you won’t soon forget because this creature is aggressive, driven, and highly defensive.

Fire ant populations grow exponentially, so they will spread quickly and become a significant problem without control measures. They can set up habitation just about anywhere, but the combination of sunny and dry areas with abundant water and food sources makes this area ideal. Lawns, parks, schools, golf courses, and other areas are prime real estate for red imported fire ants.

Unfortunately, being near fire ants typically means unprovoked attacks and property damage because they do damage where they nest. This fact means your home’s foundation, HVAC system, wiring, yard equipment, and landscaping are vulnerable to fire ant damage.

Treat Fire Ants

DIY treatment of fire ants is hit-or-miss in terms of success rates and is quite dangerous. Why not call on a company that works and is affordable? We at Fire Ant Control will quickly get your fire ant problem under control and keep it that way with retreatment every four months.

To succeed in control of fire ant populations, you must target the queen. Her ability to reproduce quickly makes any control measures that don’t stop that ability ineffective long-term. Fire Ant Control, LLC, stops the queen from reproducing using a granular insect growth inhibitor bait. No new ants equals no colony after a single complete life cycle.

We strategically apply our bait, which is regulated and approved for applications where people, animals, and crops are found. There’s no re-entry period required for this bait on private properties.

The mobile nature of fire ants makes retreatment essential. If you fail to follow through with treatment every four months, we will not honor the money-back guarantee we provide to those arranging retreatments.

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