Service for Controlling Fire Ants

Preventing the damage fire ants cause to property and injury to family, friends, and pets requires service for controlling their population. Fire Ant Control, LLC effectively, affordably, and conveniently provides this service.

Service for Controlling Fire AntsIn collaboration with our sister companies, our service is available to the entire quarantined area of the Southeast United States. We can service 1,000 acres in a single day and are approved for servicing public and private properties. Whether you manage your own residence; a school or public park; a commercial restaurant, apartment complex, golf resort; or any other property, call on Fire Ant Control, LLC for the protection of people, pets, and property.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, specializes in managing red imported fire ants on properties of all sizes and purposes. Following one life cycle after applying our food-like granular bait, the property will be 85-95% free of fire ants. With repeat service of the bait every four months, the property will remain practically free of red imported fire ants.

Fighting the Battle Against Fire Ants

Florida’s lovely climate and open areas are heavenly to red imported fire ants’ natural behaviors. Those same features draw residents and visitors as well. Unfortunately, people and fire ants don’t mix well.

Fire ants attack without much reason to do so, and they infest and damage all types of properties. From open spaces like pastures and golf courses to coastlands, parks, yards, and more, fire ants will move in wherever they find food, water, and refuge. That may mean your garden, around your mailbox, a playground, and even within your pets’ food dishes, the laundry room of your home, and within your car become spaces for fire ants to dwell!

Call on Fire Ant Control, LLC, to secure effective and affordable fire ant management that will not cause damage to the property, a risk to your pets, or additional effort on your part.

Fire Ant Control, LLC, stops the queen from being able to reproduce. When she does, the fate of the colony is sealed. The bait that we apply appeals to the fire ants for consumption, and when the hunting party presents their prize to the queen, she consumes it.

As the fire ants’ lives come to their natural conclusion, no new ants come forth as replacements. The population will dwindle by 85-95% within a few weeks. This method works long-term and is far better than the expensive and sometimes hazardous chemicals that you find at big box stores or in the back of landscapers’ trucks.

This proven method of attack on red imported fire ants will work on all types of properties, whether we treat a small ½ acre lot or thousands of acres of ranchland. As we treat your property, rest assured that we will treat your property with care and respect, and the treatment does not require a waiting period before re-entry.

Follow-Up Service

Fire ants are highly mobile creatures. When floods come, they form a protective raft around the queen and relocate, and as the colonies become overcrowded, new queens will establish new colonies. These behaviors of fire ants mean that no treatment will last forever.

We require a follow-up service every four months for the money-back guarantee to apply, and we strongly suggest that you follow this schedule to keep fire ants from overrunning your property again.

The service provided by Fire Ant Control, LLC effectively controls your population of fire ants. We’re a fully licensed and insured company with easy booking by calling (239) 312-8200 or clicking here.