Treating Fire Ants in Florida’s Schools

Treating fire ants in Florida’s schools is best left to the Fire Ant Control, LLC experts. We offer cost-effective and convenient protection so that the school day is minimally disrupted and students aren’t at risk of exposure.

Schools versus Red Imported Fire Ants

Treating Fire Ants in Florida's SchoolsChildren at play and red imported fire ants are a dangerous combination. Kids are unaware and vulnerable, and fire ants are reactive and aggressive. Whether practicing marching, playing kickball, or enjoying the swingset, students should be free to enjoy the outdoor spaces at school without being attacked by fire ants.

A young child can be especially vulnerable since a severe allergy may be unknown. Teachers and recess monitors must be vigilant regarding watching out for the signs of an allergic reaction. Fire ant stings regularly leave a painful blister that lingers for a week but is essentially a nuisance. A small portion of the population has a reaction – ranging from local to systemic or even anaphylactic.

The control of fire ants is vital to the safety of school kids as they play or practice. In serious infestation or rainy weather, fire ants may even enter the school or destroy the foundation, HVAC system, and wiring if the population is uncontrolled.

Classroom disruptions are easily triggered. A goofy sound made by a sliding desk, a mischievous student, a thrown paper ball, and a line of fire ants marching toward the unnoticed candy wrapper can all take vital moments away from instruction time.

When rains and colder weather drive fire ants indoors and under foundations, sidewalks, and other slabs, cracks will develop. Fire ants can destroy property, including wiring and HVAC systems. The expense of the damage to property and the risk of injury to students should inspire a call to Fire Ant Control, LLC.

The treatment we provide at Fire Ant Control, LLC, works well for school properties and all other property types. Our product is regulated and approved for applications with animals and pets without requiring a waiting period for re-entering the area. We apply the bait in a targeted fashion that limits exposure and maximizes effect.

The focus of our efforts is reproduction and population. By stopping the queen from producing more progeny, we halt the progression of the colony, full stop.

Our bait is an insect growth regulator. When the worker ants carry it into the colony for the queen, she’s sterilized, stopping the propagation of the colony within a single life cycle. As the living ants die, the fire ant colony goes the way of the dodo bird.

Fire ant behavior is mobile, so new colonies will set up shop without continued intervention. For our money-back guarantee to apply, we require treatment three times per year, every four months. This level of treatment will keep the school property up to 95% fire-ant free.

Click here or call (239) 312-8200 when treating fire ants in Florida’s schools is your priority. Fire Ant Control, LLC, has the sustained history of success needed to prove our abilities. Red imported fire ants need not ruin a day of learning or a recess period. We have the know-how to protect school grounds well.