Fire Ant Treatment Valrico, FL


Are red imported fire ants wreaking havoc on your property in Valrico, Florida? The key to controlling them is to take quick action to minimize the damage they can cause to humans, animals and property. Fire Ant Control, LLC provides the best fire ant treatment around!

Valrico, Florida Fire Ant Treatment

Headquartered in Bokeelia, Florida, Fire Ant Control, LLC (and our sister companies) serves the entire imported fire ant quarantine area of the southeastern U.S. Our potent, food-like granular bait kills the ant colonies from the inside out.

Fire Ants Love Valrico, FL

Valrico is located in east-central Hillsborough County and enjoys a humid subtropical climate like neighboring Tampa Bay. The sunshine, warmth and humidity along with the proximity to lakes, ponds, neighborhood waterways and green spaces are also a paradise for fire ants!

Destructive and dangerous fire ants adore moist land. Their favorite places to build their nests are open, sunny areas like meadows, pastures, parks, playgrounds, lawns and golf courses, as well as wilderness areas and agricultural land.

The telltale signs of fire ant colonies are round, flattened mounds of loose soil. These ants are master architects; they build and live in a vast network of interconnected subterranean tunnels that extend outward and downward from these central mounds. 

If there are single-queen colonies on your property, there are probably 40 to 150 mounds and about 7 million red fire ants per acre. If you have multiple-queen colonies, there may be 200 or more mounds and up to 40 million red fire ants per acre!

The Fire Ant Control Solution

Fire Ant Control’s proven fire ant treatment focuses on sterilizing the queen. Our treatment works for properties ranging from small residential lots to thousands of acres. Our bait is regulated and approved for use on public and private lands. It is superior to sprays and insecticides that only kill surface ants, are sometimes dangerous, and are very expensive.

Residential Property

Whether gardening or pruning, mowing or sweeping outdoors, you can be attacked by fire ants. Your yard should be an enjoyable place free of fire ant infestations. You should never have to worry that your children, your grandchildren, or your pets will be victims. Take advantage of our reliable residential fire ant killer.

Parks & Recreation Areas

Red imported fire ants are capable of causing great pain to children and adults when they bite or sting, and can be particularly dangerous in parks. Whether you are a private land owner or a municipal organization, Fire Ant Control, LLC, can help you control the problem in your park or recreational area.

Golf Courses

Golf courses are irresistible to fire ants and a potentially dangerous hazard for golfers. When a mound is disturbed, the ants swarm out and sting “intruders” within seconds. They can also wreak havoc with lights, irrigation equipment and transformer boxes. Fire Ant Control’s effective, long-lasting treatment is the ideal solution for killing fire ants on your golf course.

Because fire ants fly away from their colonies to mate, they will eventually come back. Therefore, we recommend treating your property three times a year to prevent further fire ant colonization. 

Give Fire Ant Control, LLC a call at (239) 312-8200 for a free estimate and to schedule your first treatment in Valrico, Florida or elsewhere in Hillsborough County. We have the best solution to your fire ant problem!