What Does a Fire Ant Look Like?

If you’ve discovered ants have invaded your kitchen and need to know what does a fire ant look like before you find the answer the painful way, read on to learn a few pieces of information from the experts at Fire Ant Control, LLC

Is That a Fire Ant?

What Does a Fire Ant Look Like?Fire ants sting – hence, the name. Identify them before they get close enough to injure you by knowing how they look. With bodies that range from red-tinged brown to red-tinged black, round copper brown heads, and six legs, fire ants have a hard exoskeleton, a mandible they use to hold onto prey, and an abdominal stinger they use to inject the unique venom that they alone produce.

The mounds that fire ants use to regulate the temperature within the nest and enter and leave it indicate that you have a confirmed fire ant infestation. The mounds are piles of loose soil in the shape of a dome, usually about the size of a dinner plate. Without intervention, fire ants will spread quickly, and you’ll begin to see numerous mounds throughout the property.

Sunny areas are the ideal place for fire ant infestations, but given the right conditions, you can be sure you’ll find them in various areas. Early mornings are prime time for fire ant activity, as you likely know if you’ve walked barefoot in the dew on an early Florida morning.

Red imported fire ants feed on a variety of fare. Fire ants find food anywhere and can survive extreme circumstances, from insects to dead animals, seeds, and more. Fire ants are not native to North America, so they face little natural competition. Purposeful intervention is the only way to limit the population explosion that will otherwise occur.

Fire Ant Attacks

Fire ants attack at any hint of danger, and they do so as a group. Holding on with their mandibles, they sting their victims repeatedly until they are physically removed. In the wake of the attack, victims are left with blisters that appear to be pimples, but they’re not. They shouldn’t be popped; instead, wash the area immediately with soap and water. You can also use anti-itch cream and take an oral antihistamine if needed. 

In some instances, anaphylaxis occurs. Immediate medical intervention will be needed. If you know someone in your household who is allergic to fire ant venom, keep an Epi-pen on hand.

Property damage can also occur beyond the physical injury caused by fire ant attacks. From dead trees to destroyed home foundations and wiring, unchecked fire ant infestations can be incredibly costly. 

Mitigate the Fire Ant Population

Fire Ant Control, LLC, provides fire ant population management that works. We spread the granular bait in a fashion designed to maximize its success, and this bait works as an insect growth inhibitor. It stops the queen from being able to reproduce, and by the end of a life cycle, the colony’s population is reduced by a minimum of 85%.

Retreatment every four months will keep your property that way. Clients who comply with this schedule will qualify for our money-back guarantee.

Now that you know what a fire looks like, click here or call (239) 312-8200 to get it under control through the efforts of Fire Ant Control, LLC.