Bonita Springs Fire Ant Treatment

Looking for a Fire Ant treatment in Bonita Springs that actually works?

Fire Ant Control provides an effective Fire Ant treatment that is efficient at controlling fire ants on residential properties, business properties, golf courses, athletic fields, play grounds, schools yards, and horse farms.

Identify Fire Ants Before You Treat!

Much like spiders, not all ants are bad. Some ants actually promote healthy lawn growth, and keep your property free from bugs and other pests. Fire Ants attack and kill healthy bugs and ants, like pyramid ants. It’s important to identify Fire Ants and get them under control so that the good, beneficial pyramid ants can move back in.

Our licensed professionals can do that for you.

Do not use a store-bought chemicals or other “do it yourself” home solution! This is a surefire way to kill all the ants on your property, even the good ones.

There are several ways to identify the Red Imported Fire Ant that does not require a microscope… But if you do have one, it will help.

Either way, look for the following indications specific to Fire Ants:

  •  Reddish-brown head and body
  • Messy mounds, surrounded by loose dirt
  • Many holes or openings to mounds
  • Extremely aggressive (swarming) when disturbed.
  • Ant length is 2 mm to 6 mm
  • Antennae feature 10 segments plus a two-segmented club
  • Soldiers have bigger and stronger mandibles.

Our Strategy

At Fire Ant Control, our strategy focuses on the sterilization of the the Queen. Once she is no longer producing offspring, the short life cycle of the worker and soldier ants quickly kills off the colony, as there is no longer any young to replace the dead.

Our Bonita Springs fire ant treatments are pet and human friendly, and effective. We treat three times a year (as compared to monthly pest control services). People, pets, crops and “good bugs” are unaffected by our service.

Our bait is specific to fire ants.

How To Get Started

Call  239-312-8200 to schedule a free consultation. Our trained professionals can identify fire ants and control your fire ant infestation. You can receive your first treatment on the spot.

You’ll be scheduled for a treatment every 4 months moving forward, and you can cancel at anytime.