Pete And Lora Rials, Owners Of Fire Ant ControlFully licensed and insured, Florida Fire Ant Control specialists Fire Ant Control, LLC. guarantees results, or your money back!

That’s how confident we are that you will be pleased with our courteous and effective service.

Our History

Pete Rials, owner of Fire Ant Control, was born in Virginia but has spent most of his life in Florida. He traveled the world for 6 years with the USMC, during which time he married Lora. Together they have two beautiful daughters, two cats, and a wonderful dog named Jack.

Pete enjoys spending time with family and friends, especially when they can stay right here in Southwest Florida. Since 1999 when he started working at Palmco, about the only thing that would pull Pete away from Pine Island were trade shows and surfing.

Two or three times a year during his first two years with Palmco, Pete would see the fun and friendly guys from Environmental Specialists Inc. of Ocala, FL and Antec of Jensen Beach, FL who came to treat all the Palmco properties for fire ants.

A close and lasting friendship was formed that has recently branched into a working business relationship. Fire Ant Control was formed by Pete and Lora under the suggestion and guidance of ESI and Antec to help control fire ants in Southwest Florida and anywhere else fire ants are found.

Our Partnerships

  • Environmental Specialists, Inc. (Ocala, Florida): Environmental Specialists, Inc. is the culmination of years of experience and dedication to its customers and community. Based in Marion County, Florida, they have established clientele throughout the state.They operate under the simple but strict guidelines of high-quality customer service and backing up their guarantees. They firmly believe in honesty, integrity, and always keeping our customers satisfied, no matter what!
  • Antec Professional Fire Ant Control, Inc. (Jensen Beach, Florida): Antec Professional Fire Ant and Mole Cricket Control, Inc. is the culmination of years of experience and constantly using new and innovative technology and ideas with absolute dedication to our customers. They are based out of Martin County, but are able to handle clients all over the State of Florida.They operate under the simple but strict guidelines of providing high quality customer service and backing up their Guarantees.They also provide other services such as Weed Control, Over Seeding, Winter Rye, Fertilizing, and Spraying for White Fly and Bee Control. All our Services are guaranteed to your Satisfaction.