I would like to take a little time to let you know we really appreciate your fire ant service. Before we met you we had tried many different sprays, food, and other items to get rid of and control fire ants. On our 2-acre site they were really a problem from time to time. Nothing seemed to work on a consistent basis until we began to use your service. Now, for two years running, we don't have a fire-ant nest problem. Keep up the good work and see you in the spring!
John And Georgia Z.
We live on a 5 acre farm and had a bad red ant problem. Our neighbors told us about Pete and Fire Ant Control. Pete came out within a couple days of my call and explained the process and treated the entire 5 acres for an extremely reasonable price. You can see a difference within a couple weeks and lasted 4 months. We just had our 2nd application and couldn't be happier! We haven't seen a red ant in a year and it is an awesome feeling to walk anywhere on our property barefoot and not worry about seeing a mound or getting bit! And to top it all off, he is the most kind and friendly business person I have ever worked with. I highly recommend Pete to anyone!
Marie A.
I have used the services of Pete Rials and Fire Ant Control for 2 years and I do not have to worry at all about fire ants in my yard. I highly recommend them. 
Jim M.
Pete, your Fire Ant Control service is top notch. The service has alleviated many hours of spreading granules myself and allowed me to spend more time with my un-bitten children. Your application and product works incredibly well and is extremely cost effective. Thanks for everything!
Jesse L.
After  a couple thousand dollars and 10 years of fighting the fire ants  I can finally enjoy my yard I walk barefooted lay in the grass, plus I don't have to worry about children and pets being bitten!
Mark M.
We were fighting a constant battle with fire ants.  We would treat a mound and they would just move.  We always had to watch where we stood in the yard and were worried about the dogs and horses with commercial products. We were pleased with the lasting results we saw from Pete Rials' Fire Ant Control and were happy the product was safe for our animals.   We recommend his product and excellent service to all our friends.  Thank you for giving us back our yard and giving us piece of mind with the animals.
Kirsten and Kevin W.
Pete treated our property for fire ants nearly a year ago, and it has been wonderful. It is liberating to be able to enjoy or work in the yard without an ant attack!
Lisa C.
I have to admit, I was very skeptical that 'Fire Ant Control'  would really help with the terrible problem I had with fire ants.  I'd had my property treated many times by exterminators, yet the ants just moved their homes over a few feet.  Fire ants seemed to be an expected norm for anyone living in South Florida.  However, I have been so pleasantly surprised and pleased with the results.  My fire ant problem is a thing of the past. I have ten acres of waterfront property with a small farm.  I had fire ant mounds by the hundreds!!  There is horse, cow, goat, donkey,  and chicken manure in our pasture - a perfect haven for ants.  Yet, there are NO ANTS anywhere on the property. Thank you Pete, for getting rid of those horrible ants.  Ya'll are the best!!!
Terrilynn D.
Pete came into our lives about 8 months ago. He was using his product on our neighbor's lawn and introduced himself to us. What a nice guy! We decided to have him do our yard along with our other two neighbors next to us. There were ant mounds all over all three properties. Wow! We have not seen a fire ant since the day he came. Impressive! He and his wife are a good team and are great to work with. They come three times a year. Throw away what you are using and call Pete. You will be happy you did. I PROMISE!
Shellee H.
Working in my yard is a relished retreat in my retired years. Who knew, however, that little beastly fire ants could invade my outdoors in the Florida sun. Trust me when I say you will no longer have annoying fire ants once Fire Ant Control takes charge. I don't even look for them anymore when playing in the dirt...
Kay L.
Fire Ant Control did a great job controlling a major ant problem we had. We were concerned with our horses but we were assured there'd be no issues and there wasn't! Great job.
Sam G.
A dream come true to be able to go outside and not be bitten!
Sue P.