How To Control 99.9% Of Dangerous Fire Ants On Your Government Properties…
For Half The Cost Of Traditional Pest Control Services!

As someone who lives and works in the south, you are most likely familiar with the painful itching and swelling caused by aggressive Fire Ant bites.

What you might not know is that Fire Ants can be much more dangerous than a mere inconvenience. 

Fire Ant bites have been known to cause more severe symptoms ranging from vomiting and dizziness to disorientation, wheezing…

In Roughly 5% Of Extreme Cases, Fire Ants Can Cause Death Through Anaphylactic Shock!

There has never been a better time to protect your properties and people by controlling these dangerous invaders.

Right now, you can do exactly that, while saving as much as 50-75% compared to hiring traditional landscaping and pest control companies.

A History Of Remarkable Results

Fire Ant Control is a Florida licensed Pest Control company focused exclusively on treating properties for invasive Fire Ants (Solenopsis Invicta).

Since 2013, we have effectively treated more than 10,000 residential, commercial, agricultural, and government properties throughout the state of Florida.

We offer a guaranteed 99.9% control rate, while treating each property just three times a year. 

These remarkable results ensure that most of our clients have been with us for years.

Because this is our specialty, our costs are usually 50-75% lower than traditional Pest Control or Landscaping companies who offer comparable services.

How We Achieve Amazing Results

Broadcast treating the entire property with the bait controls all colonies at the source unlike spot treating that only targets visible above ground colonies.

Broadcast treatments give the fire ants nowhere to hide.

Spot treating in most cases only causes the worker ants to relocate the queen to a new location a few feet away. By using an insect growth regulator the queen is already sterile before the workers ants realize there is a problem.

How To Get Started

Please call Pete Rials at 813-435-9858 to personally discuss your specific requirements.

We look forward to hearing from you!