Pee Rials Treating Fire AntsFire ants (aka imported fire ants) are yard enemy #1 for humans and pets. We all know fire ants bite. Did you know that they sting, too?

Never again have to search for how to treat fire ant bites. Get your permanent fire ant bite treatment. Get the best fire ant killer of them all – service by Fire Ant Control LLC.

Yes, we know how to kill fire ants.

Effective fire ant control is not hard. All it takes is professional fire ant treatment using quality products. With top notch bait, courteous customer service, and our proven method you will have the best fire ant killer around. Continue reading for more fire ants information.

 Fire ants will no longer be a threat to you, your family, your pets or your property.

Ever reach down to pull a weed only to suffer fire ant bites? Fire ants don’t just bite you with their mandibles. They have stingers just like wasps. And like wasps, hornets and bees, fire ant stings can cause an allergic reaction that can be deadly. Humans aren’t the only ones who can have this allergic reaction. Animals can die from anaphylactic shock or have to be euthanized from complications caused directly by fire ant bites.

 Fire ants will no longer damage your property.

Hundreds of thousands of fire ants can live in a single mound. You could have more than 40 million ants in a single acre. Fire ant mounds can damage mowers and farm equipment. Fire ants can nest in walls, electrical boxes, or under concrete causing irreparable damage even when the ants are gone.

Most fire ant baits you can buy or make:

  • Contain a contact poison (ants have to touch it to die)
  • Kill only the surface ants (not the hundreds of thousands underground)
  • Have no effect whatsoever on the queen (who can produce 200 eggs per day)

 It’s best to leave fire ant treatment to the professionals.

We use high quality bait with exact wall-to-wall application rates to fully cover every centimeter of your property. Our bait is not an insecticide but an insect growth regulator. If worker ants or the queen see other workers dying, they will stop gathering and eating the bait. Our bait has no instant effect. It sterilizes the queen(s)—yes there can be several queens producing hundreds of eggs each in a single colony. Once the workers and the queen(s) die, there are no new ants hatching to replace her.