Fire Ant ResourcesAt Fire Ant Control, LLC, we can offer you important information about fire ants.

Fire ants hurt!

Since their appearance in the US about a century ago, fire ants have caused problems. They are harmful for native plants and species of all kinds, including other beneficial ants.

Fire ants have even been named one of the “100 of the World’s Worst” by the Invasive Species Specialist Group.

Fire ants bite (and sting)

Nothing and no one is safe—fire ants can cause extensive damage to:

  •  People and pets
  •  Plants and crops
  •  Wildlife and farm animals
  •  Electrical wires and equipment

How it works

After we have reviewed your property needs, we begin treating those dangerous ants three times a year. Any less frequently will not do the job properly.

We apply wall to wall exact treatment application rates with speed and accuracy. With a minimum of interference to your operation and schedule, we can treat up to 1,000 acres a day—even on weekends…

Where we serve

We are based in Lee County, Florida but we are able and willing to travel. Our service is available to:

  • Residential homes
  • Horse farms
  • Nurseries and agricultural land
  • Commercial and municipal properties

Farewell the queen (ant)

It’s the queen that leads the fire ant colony. We focus on her.

No queen, no colony

Our fire ant bait sterilizes the queen. As worker ants die naturally, there are no new workers to take their place. Eventually, the queen dies too, and there are no new queens to replace her.

Within weeks, your yard will be free of fire ants. Our convenient, semi-annual service will keep new fire ants from invading.

Fire ants bite

Stepping into a fire ant mound can mess up your day. And if you have tried treating them yourself, you know they reappear. Do-it-yourself treatments may work temporarily, but those determined fire ants will return.

Fire Ant Control offers the best, fail- safe guarantee in the business. Why not try our application? We know you will be satisfied.

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