How does our Fire Ant Control service work?

Our service focuses on sterilizing the queen and adds a dose of  prevention associated with our proven application cycle.

Our service is superior to any store bought or home remedies because we use a high quality bait that is applied with exact application rates designed specifically to limit Fire Ant activity.

How Fire Ant Control Works

We use only granular bait.

Sprays and other liquid chemicals, including boiling water, are short-lived and can be expensive. The bait used by Fire Ant Control is carried straight down into the Fire Ant mounds and delivered to the queens of each colony.

The queens are the sole reproducers in each colony, and so once they’re sterilized, the ant colony dies off naturally and no new ants are born to replace the dead.

The entire colony dies off, not just the surface ants!

Fire Ant Control is fully licensed and insured. Our bait is regulated and approved for use on public and private lands. On private property, there is no re-entry interval which means you, your family, your pets and other animals can walk anywhere at any time after a treatment has been applied.

Agricultural lands have their own set of re-entry intervals.

Our service is:

  • Guaranteed for 4 months.
  • Recommended three times per year. Fire ants are like weeds. If you stop treating for them, they will come back. Besides… bait doesn’t last forever—it’s consumed by existing Fire Ants and new Fire Ants that are trying to move in.
  • Based on the use of Insect Growth Regulators (similar to a flea treatment) to interrupt the Fire Ant life cycle. The bait sterilizes the queen. As the ants die naturally, the entire colony disappears.

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