Briarcliff Fire Ant Treatment

briarcliff-fire-ant-treatmentIf you’re searching for an effective Briarcliff Fire Ant Treatment for your property, then look no further than Fire Ant Control.

We are a fully licensed and insured company that uses a special bait that’s approved for both private and public properties.

Our Fire Ant treatments work.
You, your family and your pets are able to access your property freely as soon as we are done applying the bait these pests bring to their queen.

The bait used is a dry granular bait, and not a sticky liquid spray. Our treatment product is one of the safest available for residential, farm, parks and commercial use.

Fire ants are practically everywhere.

It’s South Florida!

Imported Fire Ants have established themselves here and throughout 11 other states in the Southeastern and Southwestern United States. You can find them in buildings, around your home, in parks, at the golf course, and practically everywhere in between.

Fire ants on your property pose a serious problem.

These little beasts are territorial and they will defend their home aggressively. One false move by you, your children, or you beloved pets can trigger a swarm of fire angry fire ants. And their bites are painful.

But, it’s not just the bodily harm that should give you cause for worry.

When colonies are left untreated, they will practically destroy everything in their path. In order to feed and grow their colonies, Fire Ants strip every plant in sight, and will disrupt most things left outdoors.

Fire ants are attracted to electrical currents.

The can get into the walls of your building and damage pipes, electric wires and circuits as well as cement structural features.

Deal with your Fire Ants before they become a serious problem. Fire ants can harm your business. We live in the day and age of yelp. The last thing your business needs is someone with a smartphone getting bit by a fire ant while trying to do business on your property.

Fire ants can kill people if they go into anaphylactic shock and don’t have an epipen!

Most ants instinctively run and hide from intruders. Not Fire Ants! Their instinct is to attack, and they attack in swarms. If they feel threatened, fire ants have no problem crawling up your leg and biting you over and over again.

To make matters worse, their bite is poisonous.

Some people have no issue with the bites as they will just blister and be itchy for a few days. But, some people are allergic and can go into anaphylactic shock. Small children and pets can quickly get too many bites and be in serious danger.

If you get stung, apply a liberal amount of Aloe Vera on the wound and consider taking an antihistamine to help reduce swelling and itching. Pay close attention to the swelling. If you or someone you know feels severe chest pain, or has trouble breathing after being stung by fire ants, seek medical attention immediately.

Choose Fire Ant Control to handle your Briarcliff Fire Ant Treatment. As a company, Fire Ant Control is licensed and insured to handle any size property.

Whether you have a single family home or a 600 Acre farm, we have a treatment protocol that’s okay to use around people, animals and other bugs.

Call us today at 239­-244-­1436 and get a free estimate for your property.