Cape Coral Fire Ant Treatment

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Like it or not, if you live in Cape Coral, fire ants are a part of life… Unless you take steps to treat them. All of Southwest Florida has become home to this non-native, aggressive ant species.

Identifying a fire ant infestation on your property can happen in one of two ways. You’ll notice Fire Ant mounds (if you’re lucky) or you, a child, spouse, friend, or pet will be bitten or stung!

Luckily, only a small percentage of animals and humans experience anaphylactic shock from these poisonous bites, but while the majority of the population is not allergic, they are always painful and irritating. Fire Ant bites leave the victim with intense pain, and then a white bump or pustule forms.

These pustules are incredibly itchy, and can become infected when scratched. And because fire ants are so aggressive, rarely will you experience just one bite.

You can inspect and treat your own property, but we don’t recommend it.

Store-bought chemicals and “do-it-yourself” home solutions can burn or kill your grass, or kill all of your ants, even the good ones that keep your property clean and free from spiders and other pests.

A trained professional from Fire Ant Control is much better equipped to distinguish between different types of ants, and treat accordingly. We can advise you upon the steps that should be taken to control Fire Ant mounds and their inhabitants.
Damage from a colony of red imported fire ant can be extensive to livestock and property as well.

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Just one treatment every four months will keep your property protected!